Helping Grandparents to Connect With Your Kids

Children and grandparents have a special bond that can be healing and nurturing to both. Sometimes, however, there may need to be a little extra care to ensure this important relationship stays healthy and precious.

8 Ways To Help Kids Bond With Grandparents, 


Your parents want more quality time with their grandkids, but sometimes it’s hard for them to figure out how to get the children’s attention. And your kids may not realize it, but they’re going to love spending more time with your parents and in-laws. After all, what could be better than doing things with people who give you their undivided attention and want nothing more than to make you happy? Here are eight ways to help the generations get together… Keep Reading

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Get to know them early. The grandchildren who felt their grandparents played an important role in their lives when they were young also felt closer to them when they were older. Investing the time in the tasks of grandparenting (yes, even changing those diapers) will pay off richly as you become an integral part of your grandchild’s developing sense of self and family… Keep Reading

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Be sure they get to share activities,

My kids love to have Grammie read to them; they love to have Grandma and Grandpa play games with them.  I am more than happy to have a break from both of these activities.  Depending on the personalities of your old and young folk, they could do crafts, wash dishes, make bread, learn how to use a smart phone, or almost anything else together.  There are so many skills that one generation can share with another.  (I asked friends about this topic and one friend told me that her Nana taught her to knit without ever holding needles.)

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Make use of technology,

Sometimes it seems as though technology has taken over our lives – iPads, iPhones, smart devices and TVs are all around us. This is actually great news, though, for those families that are separated by several miles. FaceTime and Skype are wonderful things and should be taken advantage of regularly for children and grandparents who don’t physically see each other as often as they would like. Keep Reading

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Grandparents live for their children and grandchildren.  So honor their desire to be a part of your life by inviting them out to lunch, to your daughter’s school play, or to your son’s soccer game.  If they can’t drive, offer to pick them up.  And if they’re in a nursing home, don’t be hesitant to go see them.  It can be very lonely living there and all it takes is a simple visit to light up their whole day. Keep Reading

How do your little ones connect with their grandparents?

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