How To Get Chores Done When At Home With Baby

Getting chores done in today’s busy world can be a challenge.

Add a baby to the mix and, well…chaos! But, no worries. Today’s roundup of posts is full of clever ideas to have you taking care of the baby and getting those needed chores done, too!

How To Get Housework Done With A Newborn Baby, She Knows

She Knows recommends using a baby carrier or sling to keep baby close and snuggled up to you while you complete your house work.



7 Tips For Getting Chores Done With Small Children, Modern Alternative Mama

Kate recommends making use of evenings and weekends when you have a partner to help. She also recommends writing a list,

When I know what my goals are and have even a loose plan, then I know I’m more likely to get things done.

How do I get chores done with a newborn? Mommy Bites

Dr. Gina Lamb suggests keeping the baby with you when you can, but also explains that you can get a lot done while the baby is sleeping. She says to ask for help when needed. Family and friends are often willing to pitch in. 

How to Get Housework Done With a Baby, Global Post

Global Post

Rosenya says that it is tempting to clean every little mess when it happens, but you will save time by doing everything once at the end of the day. She also says to have your partner and older children help with the household tasks. 

Getting household chores done with an active baby, Huggies

Huggies says to keep clearly labeled bins in an area of your home so that you can declutter easily throughout the day. Once Baby is mobile, he or she may even help you place items in the bins.

Also,  check out How To Get Chores Done With Baby via Baby Center for tips from other parents.

What are your top tips for getting chores done with a baby in tow?


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