Fighting New Parents? Here Is Some Help.

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New Parents and Fighting…

New baby in the house? First-time parents? That could mean that you are having more fights. Let’s face it, a lot of life change is happening all at once. You now have a life depending on you and you are likely low on sleep and patience.

According to The Bump, new parent fights often center around sleep, whose is more important, and screen time, and appreciation or the lack thereof. Keeping score- who did what, when, and how much- can also present big issues.

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You likely had a glorious vision of how you and your significant other would handle life with a new baby, but your picket fence fantasies may be thrown to the back burner now. Unrealistic expectations can be a huge cause of strife between new parents.

Rhona Berens, via PopSugar,  says to expect the unexpected,

No matter how much we think we know exactly what it will be like to have a baby, the reality between actual parenting and our fantasy differ widely. That’s not always a bad thing…Keep Reading Here

new parents

What new parents fight about – and how to avoid the arguments, Baby Center

This Baby Center post speaks of the common arguments and how to avoid or solve them. Get your baby’s momma or daddy and have a sit down to discuss.

Some of these new parenting mistakes can cause squabbles between couples too…

10 Mistakes New Parents Make, WebMD

  1. Panicking over anything and everything
  2. Not letting your infant cry it out
  3. Waking baby up to feed
  4. Confusing spit-up with vomit
  5. Not sweating a newborn fever
  6. Not properly installing the car seat
  7. Neglecting oral care
  8. Ignoring your marriage
  9. Fighting too much/too little in front of baby
  10. Trusting unreliable sources for parenting advice

Made sure you and your significant other are on the same side and safe side with these issues! Read WebMD Article Here

What has been your most common new parent argument?



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