How to Become an Effective Stay-At-Home Mom

Congratulations on your decision to be a stay-at-home mom!

If this is a new role for you and you’ve never been a stay-at-home mom before, welcome to your new role. Instead of falling into the overwhelmed, underprepared complaining trap, try these tips to make your life easier and more effective.

Remember: the best and most important tip for a stay-at-home mom, or any parent, is–do what works for you!

#1 Stay hydrated

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Start off with a large dose of coffee and sustain yourself throughout the day with water. Also, every effective stay-at-home mom knows that an adult beverage before bed can come in handy.

#2 Exercise

The expectation of stay-at-home moms is that they’ll have all the time in the world to do everything they want. This is not true, but if you have the energy and you can find a gym with childcare, your body will thank you for it. Better yet, exercise at home with baby to make it super easy!

#3 Get ready for the day

It sounds silly considering you’ll spend the whole day indoors changing diapers, but you need to shower and change your clothes nevertheless. You’ll feel better.

#4 Get help

Many stay-at-home moms feel they shouldn’t enlist any help. A happy stay-at-home mom gets help as needed. Sometimes being able to sneak off to do your hair or just sit in a silent room is all that’s necessary.

Carving out some time for yourself is vital. Even if it’s just 20 minutes in the backyard with no disturbances.

#5 Join classes and groups and things

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Baby classes, support groups, and other kinds of fun outside the home will provide your baby with time to socialize and give you some time to have adult conversations with other moms.

#6 Don’t play when it comes to naps

Nap time is a sacred quiet time when mom can shower, tidy up, or catch a few zzz’s herself.

#7 Teach your kids how to play independently

Let’s face it, you don’t always want to go to the park and it’s unrealistic to think that you’ll be available to play with your child whenever they want. Mama can check her mail while your tot plays alone for very short periods of time.

#8 Embrace chaos

There will be chaos and that’s okay. Your house will never be spotless and dinner will be late sometimes, or often. Don’t stress. This season of parenting life is temporary. Embrace it!

#9 Seek support

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Befriend moms going through the same stresses as you are. You will find that she’s dealing with the same issues you are and even be comforted that your baby, at least, asks before pooping in the corner behind the couch.

#10 Stay prepared

Expect the unexpected when it comes to children so have ample supplies at hand.  Food, provisions, nontoxic cleaning and crafting supplies should be abundant in any home with children.

#11 Let go and laugh

If you don’t want to lose your mind, don’t take yourself too seriously. These are children. They are resilient and do the strangest things. Colored walls, underwear flushed down the toilet, and hidden poop are just some of the things you can expect.

What do you do to stay sane as a stay-at-home mom? Please share in the comments section. 


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