7 At-Home Date Night Ideas for New Parents

Looking for some stay-at-home date night ideas?

You won’t even have to hire a babysitter for these! Just put the little ones to bed and enjoy each other’s company.

1. Dinner for Two

Feed the little ones and get them to bed. Then, set up a special dinner just for you and your significant other. Light candles, turn on your favorite music, and focus on just the two of you. Dine and indulge in adult conversation.

Check out Romantic Meals Recipes, Jamie Oliver for inspiration!

date night dinner ideas

2. Special Dessert

After dinner, once the little ones are off to bed, get in the kitchen and create a decadent dessert together. If it’s something chocolate, all the better! Dance around the kitchen and be silly as you taste test your creation.

Here’s some ideas: Best Chocolate Dessert Recipes, Food Network 

date Night chocolate strawberries

3. Movie Night

Rather than just vegging out in front of the tube, pick a special movie that you both have been wanting to see or a classic you adore. Make popcorn and put it in movie theater containers. Have a special, fizzy drink.

date night at the movies

4. Theme Night

Pick a theme and center your meal and entertainment around it. Italian: lasagna, Italian ice, and an Italian film. Mexican: tacos, flan, and dance around a sombrero. You get the idea. This can be loads of fun and you can take turns choosing the theme.

date night dinner

5. Living Room Fort

You don’t have to be a five-year-old to enjoy a great indoor fort. Get some chairs and sheets and build you and your partner a private, little getaway. Block out the rest of the world while you play games and catch up inside the fort. You could create one in the yard if you are really adventurous.

fun date night

6. Ice Cream Splurge

Buy small containers of your favorite ice creams as well as some new and unusual flavors to try. Have your own little taste testing party and reminisce about your favorite moments with the cold stuff as a child.

date night dessert

7. Spa Night

Take turns giving each other massages, take a bath together, or try a mask. You could even hire a massage therapist to come to your home and give you both a professional massage. Give each other some much needed pampering and TLC.

spa night date night


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