Color’s Effect On Baby In The Nursery and Beyond!

Does Color Have an Effect on Your Baby?

Did you know that color psychology is a thing? Color can have a great impact on our mood and behavior. It effects baby too! You can take advantage of this in the way you decorate your child’s nursery or room. Today’s round up of posts will give you the “color psychology and kids” 101!

How Color Affects Your Baby, Project Nursery

This project nursery post has some great inspirational photos to help you play with color in baby’s room. From fire engine red to tranquil blue, no more guessing on what to paint those walls.

color's effect

Color Psychology For Nursery Rooms. Learn How Color Affects Your Baby’s Behavior, HomeEdit

Warm colors versus cold colors…The Battle is On!

color's effect

Six Great Colors for Your Nursery, Parents

color effect

Stuck in the traditional? Not anymore! This post by will have you jumping into the unexpected!

“Forget about pink and blue! Green is more unexpected. Keep Reading

Discover more clever colors like “Aqua Glow” and “Silver Peony.”



Color Psychology, About Home

…hoping to escape the standard pink or blue motif, many parents leap into the world of color armed with little more than a whim and a prayer.

Color is a science. Colors can stimulate the body and brain and even improve sleep!

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Photo by Stone via Getty Images.

Do babies like color? If so, which ones?, Science Blogs 

Babies do have color preferences, and these preferences seem to be mostly determined by hue. Keep Reading





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