Check Out the Future of Handling a Loose Tooth

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Pulling Teeth has never looked so fun.

ahoo News U.K. has a report from Wednesday that has demonstrated a brand new way to yank those teeth. A  father  tied dental floss to his daughter’s loose tooth, tied the other end to his quadcopter, and then flew the drone into the air to pull the tooth out. While this approach may not be for everyone, it’s about time the traditional methods of teeth pulling got a face lift.  We all remember the kid with his tooth tied  to the doorknob in hopes of scoring big with the resident tooth fairy. Maybe even some of you were that kid. Either way, the ancient barbaric method of slamming a door and hoping for the best are long behind us. In the 21st century, we tie teeth to an ascending quadcopter and hope for the best. Now that’s true progress.

The term “like pulling teeth” has always been synonymous with a tedious and painful activity, but judging by the dad in this video,at least someone is finding pleasure in the activity

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