Airline Rules Cheat Sheet for Flying with Baby

Taking trips with a baby can often be stressful. Flying with Baby sometimes even more so!

We’re here to help clarify the expenses and rules for each airline to make flying with Baby as smooth as possible.

The first thing to keep in mind is that most airlines do not give babies priority boarding. No special treatment for you and the little one just because of Baby’s age.

Also, most parents’ biggest fear is causing discomfort for fellow passengers. The rule of thumb is respect. If your little one starts kicking the seat in front of you or yanking on the headset cord of the person next to you, be considerate of them and help your child focus on something else.

Doing that will take some respect as well. Your little one is probably tired, confused, stressed, or overwhelmed by the experience of flying. Be considerate of their feelings and needs and offer lots of hugs, attention, and engagement. This will do more good, and likely be more effective, than screaming, discipline, or punishment.

Now for the Flying with Baby Infographic:

In an attempt to make your trip better:

  • Plan your seat.

Let the agent know you will be flying with Baby when booking your seats. The bulk head row is best for particularly active babies as this eliminates the possibility of baby’s toys ending up in anybody’s lunch.

  • Handle baggage better.

When you arrive at the airport with a baby, you will suddenly become hyper-aware of all the stuff your little one needs. A stroller can easily double as a baggage cart. It can be checked in at the gate just before you get on the plane.

  • Board separately.

Families are not allowed to pre-board leaving infants in the thick of it when it comes to getting on and off the plane. Minimize the stress by having one adult board first with all the bags and strollers etc, while the adult holding the baby boards last. This minimizes the time your baby has to be on the plane.

  • Pack extra supplies.

You never know with airlines. A 5-hour trip may take 10. Delays, unplanned stops are not uncommon. Carry extra everything, from food to diapers.

  • Protect Baby’s ears.

During landing and take off, keep baby sucking on a pacifier, bottle or boob to relieve pressure in their ears.

  • Change diapers discreetly.

Most people are put off by seeing a diaper being changed, and you don’t want to be stuck with a dirty diaper for hours on end. When flying with Baby, always change their diaper at the airport. If you must change a diaper on the plane, unless your three deep in a window seat with your family head to the lavatory and change baby there. *Some planes have a changing table (fold down plastic shelf) but most don’t so be ready to practice your changing skills.*

Do you have any tips for flying with Baby? Please share in the comments section!



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