Is My Baby Too Attached To Me?

Attachment is a bond between a baby and the person who provides care. Parents feel a strong emotional connection to their newborns just as babies also feel this attachment.

Attachment happens throughout the babies life. It develops as you respond to the baby’s needs consistently. Attachment also builds as you go about your day interacting with your baby.

Baby’s first attachment is to its mother and happens naturally as you cuddle, and breastfeed, diaper change or simply hold your baby. Your baby learns that you relieve their stress, hunger or discomfort and can therefore trust you.

As you respond to your baby, your baby should respond to you.  They become easier to soothe and constantly want to be near you. It is vital that your baby has other bonds with other adults, especially dad.

Is attachment vital?

Attachment is the foundation of independence. Your child knows that there is someone and somewhere they can always come back to where they are loved and cared for. This healthy attachment helps your child’s emotional development and learning self control. Attachment also allows your children to trust other people.

Is my bay developing secure attachments?
  • At 4 weeks, your child responds to a smile
  • At 3 months, your child should smile right back at you
  • y 4 to 6 months, they turn to you and expect you to relieve their discomfort
  • by 7 to 8 months she has a special response for you and may be upset by strangers.
  • your bay may also respond to your stress or sadness

If my child goes to daycare will they be attached to me?

abies are not exclusive to one adult.  They can have multiple attachments with different adults. This doesn’t affect your relationship with them.

My baby cries when i hold her, but allows strangers to hold her

Even the most soothing voice sometimes just doesn’t cut it.  Remember your baby can sense your stress levels, If you feel overwhelmed by the crying, its okay to walk away and let someone else do it.

sometimes other problems make it hard for parents to care for their babies, or children  Children with health problems have difficulty attaching to their care givers.

Let your doctor know of any concerns you may have.

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