8 of the Most Outrageous Celebrity Baby Names

Why do celebrities go out of their way to name their children something outrageous? Is it the desire to set themselves apart from “the commoners?”

Whether you agree with the unique names or think they are a form of child punishment, there is no doubt that these stars made a point to give their kids a name that is anything but normal.

Spurgeon Elliot

Jesse Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald named their son after a 19th century British Preacher, Charles Spurgeon. But instead of naming him Charles, they chose to name him Spurgeon. Perhaps more surprising than that is that Spurgeon Elliot’s nickname is … Quincy.

“When we first found out that we were expecting a baby, Ben and I were talking about a letter theme for our kids and Ben suggested, ‘Why don’t we go with the letter Q’?’ lol!” write Jessa on a family friend’s blog. “Of course that was a joke, but from that point, Ben started calling our little one ‘Quincy,’ and the nickname just sorta stuck.”

Elsie Otter

Zooey Deschanel and her husband Jacob Pechenik named their daughter Elsie Otter because they like the animal, Deschanel told the Today Show.

“We just really liked the name Elsie, and then we both love otters because they’re so sweet and also smart,” she said. “They use tools, they keep their favorite tools, they hold hands while they sleep, there are so many amazing things about otters. They’re wonderful animals.”

Arlo Day

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody named their daughter Arlo Day. Looking up the meaning of the name, it is typically given to boys and means “army hill” or “fortified hill.” The couple hasn’t revealed the significance behind the name.

Jagger Snow

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross named their daughter Jagger Snow. Soleil Moon Frye has a daughter with this name and Jacoby Shaddix from Papa Roach has a son, Jagger. The name is different and, while it seems to have been well received, means “carter” – a driver – or “schlepper” – a stupid person – in old England.

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Silas Randall

Though this name given to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s son seems a little out of left field, it has actually been growing in popularity. The name cracked the top 200 in 2011, and moved all the way up to 116th in 2013. After a solid ranking of 137 in 2014, it will be interesting to see where it ends up this year now that the Timberlake’s bundle of joy has the moniker.

Wolfe Lee

Kimora Lee Simmons and husband Tim Leissner named their baby boy Wolfe. According to babynamespedia.com, Wolfe is a German word meaning (not surprisingly) “wolf” or “brave.” The website also says the pronunciation is “WahLF.”


Mark-Paul Vosselaar and his wife, Catriona, named their fourth child Lachlyn, giving them two boys and two girls. The name doesn’t pull up on the Social Security database, but does register as a girl name on babynamespedia.com as Scots Gaelic for “land of lakes.”

Reign Aston

Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick named their third child Reign Aston, following this year’s trend of naming children with royal titles. Names like Royalty, Royal, Prince, and Regina all shot up the baby name charts according to BabyCenter.

Other Unique Celebrity Baby Names

  • Titan Jewell – Kelly Rowland and husband Tim Witherspoon
  • Wyatt Isabelle – Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
  • Saint Lazslo – Pete Wentz and girlfriend Meagan Camper
  • Summer Rain – Christina Aguilera
  • Royal Reign – Lil’ Kim
  • North West – Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
  • Cricket Pearl – Busy Philipps and husband Marc Silverstein
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