7 Tips to Save Money with a New Baby

Everybody knows having a baby costs money.

What’s lesser known is how to save money while caring for a baby.

Raising a child into adulthood can be a pricey endeavor. Below are some tips to start saving money right away…like now. Yes, now.

Tips to Save Money On Baby
1. Resist The Clothes Shopping Spree.

It is so tempting to buy all those cute outfits for baby, but it is likely you will receive a lot of outfits from family and friends, especially during your baby shower. You may also receive some hand-me-downs. Buying some basics is ok, but you will probably not need to buy a ton of baby clothes. People love to give little outfits as gifts and baby will probably grow out of them quickly anyway.

If you do clothes shop, save money by only shopping sales and don’t spend a ton as baby will be on to the next size soon enough.

One mom says:

“Clara ended up with more outfits than Mariah Carey thanks to hand-me-downs from relatives and an astronomical amount of adorable clothing from generous friends and family members who wanted to welcome her to the world. Seriously, the girl’s clothing cup runneth over.” ~Young House Love

2. Use Coupons and More Coupons!

To save time, sign up for discounts and coupons online. You can even get the ones you are interested in sent to your inbox.

“Most major baby brands like Pampers and Gerber will reward you just for signing up for their emails or rewards programs by offering you deals galore.” ~The Bump

The Bump also suggests exchanging the coupons you don’t need with other moms.

3. Double Duty Gear.

Buying furniture and gadgets that transform as Baby grows, or performs more than one task, is a great way to save money. Changing table/dresser combos, a high chair that converts into a booster seat, a crib that converts into a bigger boy or girl bed…you get the idea.

4. Make Your Own Baby Food.

Breastfeeding is, of course, the cheapest way to go when baby starts out. Once Baby is older, you may want to transition to making your own baby food. This can be cheaper, and much healthier, than buying store bought baby food.


5. Let Friends And Family Help.

It is likely that friends and family would love to help out. Need a date night? Why not see if a family member would like to spend time with the baby for free instead of you having to hire a sitter. You could also start an exchange with other parents to take turns watching the little ones.

6. Borrow Toys and Books.

Toys and books can get expensive and baby may outgrow or get bored with them quickly. Trade books and toys back and forth with other parents or visit your local library and borrow them. This means a constant stream of new items for free. Also, if you have a local Head Start office, they may have a toy borrowing program.

7. Freeze Your Leftovers.

This tip comes from The Bump. Instead of wasting that leftover food, freeze it and make baby food out of it later on. This can save a ton of time and money on food prep. Rather than ordering takeout or eating out, you can just thaw and reheat.

“Do this four times a month and save yourself $120 (based on a $30 meal out).” ~The Bump

What’s your top tip to save money with a new baby?


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