6 Reasons a Baby Nurse Is More Important Than You Think

With the mommy and baby care industries taking off, is it any wonder people with experience and skills as a baby nurse are starting to be in high demand? Only recently have tired new parents decided to turn to these magic workers. If you just found out about them and were still wondering what they do, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s no doubt you need all the help you can get when it comes to your baby’s first months outside the womb. Find out the full advantages of hiring a professional.


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So, what is a baby nurse? This is a newborn care specialist who comes over to your house and helps out as much as she can. If this is your first child, you may be eager to spend time with him or her and work together on your mommy-baby schedule. Anyone getting ready to welcome a second or third child to the family knows how valuable outside help is during those first tiresome months.

The newborn baby nurse will come to your home in shifts of 12 hours, sleep with the baby and help with feedings and baby care activities like massages and baby baths. Most importantly, this is a person who is familiar with common and mild medical issues the baby could be facing in his first months, like jaundice, gas, colic, and excessive crying. Apart from actually helping out with your baby, the nurse can also help educate the parents. She can check out the nursery before the baby gets home and make any necessary changes, as well as checking all the baby items.

During her 12-hour shift, the nurse will get your baby to bed and will help start her day. This may include changing the bedding, doing baby laundry, washing the bottles and some of the other baby items she usually uses. She can make the best recommendations on practices for new parents and is the best person to answer questions.


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1. You get first-hand help with baby

When you are in the maternity ward, you cannot wait to get your baby all to yourself. The exhilaration of becoming a new mommy keeps you from seeing just how much help you are getting from the nurses in the hospital. But as soon as you get home and you are all alone with the crying baby, the reality starts to sink in. Having a baby nurse means getting the help you need to keep your mind at ease.

It’s one thing to read all the books about baby healthcare and another to recognize the signs on a real, breathing baby. Having a specialist by your side to teach you things as you go along is without compare.

2. You get help with preparing everything for when the baby comes

In many cases, women expecting twins are more likely to call on the services of a baby nurse. This is because two babies are inherently more work and because most of them are preemies and more care is needed. Hiring a baby nurse normally happens several months before the delivery date. The possibility of the babies coming sooner means having to book a nurse in the sixth month of pregnancy.

However, this is not time wasted, as the nurse will help the parents set up the nursery, pick up the best baby products and prepare for the trip to the maternity ward. She can even have a talk with dad about what to expect when the new family comes home from the hospital (postpartum depression, crying, and wild mood swings).

3. You can get a good night’s sleep and some much-needed rest

A good night’s sleep with a baby in the house feels like a luxury. And it is. Having a baby nurse means having another person sleep with your baby, feed him during the night, and assist mom if she is breastfeeding by bringing and taking the baby away. This includes the night and the morning routine during a 12-hour shift.

It gives parents the chance to catch up on sleep and be alert during the rest of the day. More importantly, new moms in need of some care and attention themselves can get better sooner, get some exercise done during the morning, and even plan a few trips to the doctor if needed.

4. Your baby will get sleep trained

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This sets you up for the rest of the year. A sleep-trained baby, who has already gone through his fussiest time and has received around the clock care and attention is a happy and relaxed baby any parent will simply love to take care of. If you add the fact that you are also well-rested when you take over from the nurse, it all sounds like the perfect plan.

5. You no longer have to fight with relatives

Having a grandmother come over and spend a couple of weeks in your home is often more tiresome. Although this is the only solution for a lot of couples, it is also a sure way to having arguments about differences about how to take care of the baby.

A well-trained professional can also explain her practices and be careful enough with parents who already have some baby experience. However, most chances are you will not find much fault with anything such a person does. This is especially true if you check the references and certifications of the nurse.

6. You don’t have to neglect your other children

A challenging task for every mother is having to share her time with her new baby and her other children. The younger the other children are, the more difficult it is for them to understand why mommy is not able to take care of them as she did. Having a baby nurse in the house means having time for the other children as well.


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Do you have to take up a second mortgage to pay a baby nurse’s salary? Maybe.

Prices can range between $16 and $35 an hour, but it can even be more expensive than that. It depends on the type of training the nurse has, her references, and how long and how often the shifts are. There is also the issue of what else is she expected to help with.

This type of service feels out of reach for many, but it is a fantastic baby gift to ask for. All the people who have benefited from the services of a baby nurse know that the financial expense is well worth it, considering what parents are getting in return:

  • avoiding burnout and nervous breakdowns
  • the ability to think on their feet during the day
  • avoiding having to fight with the in-laws
  • getting time for the other children as well
  • getting a sleep-trained baby and the gift of sleep for the rest of the year.


A baby nurse is an amazing help for any new mom. However, there are a few things she needs to watch out for. For starters, know that this is not a regulated profession. Therefore, you have to choose placement agencies that offer training and do thorough background checks.

Also, these people should be in the know about everything from new techniques to special baby equipment, special baby needs, medical needs, etc. Steer clear of untrained people who are merely willing to take care of night feeding. Some of them are more prone to apply old, unsanctioned practices. In the end, this is a person who is going to spend time with your baby. All while you and the rest of your family are asleep.

Secondly, make sure you don’t get a person who is burning the candle at both ends. Some nurses may take on several families at a time to make ends meet. Or, sometimes projects can overlap on account of unscheduled deliveries. Having a tired person taking care of your baby is no advantage to you as a parent. So, make sure to check the schedule of the baby nurse you are planning to hire.





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