5 Simple Baby Relaxation Techniques

Whether your little one is naturally fussy or calm, as a parent you could use some of the best baby relaxation techniques under your belt.

Some babies are prone to perpetual fussiness while others are birthed and seem pleasantly content with existing. But even those little ones who are content and calm most of the time have their moments when relaxation techniques would be useful. Babies who are prone to perpetual or even slight fussiness tend to have a lot more muscle tone due to their high amount of stress; their bodies tense up when they scream or cry and relaxing them feels impossible.

But it is not impossible! Even the most colicky baby can be relaxed.

Relaxation techniques for you to try:

1. Swaddle
Swaddling your baby not only almost always calms him or her, but also helps you as a parent to hold a fussing baby. Their limbs are tucked in tight and unable to flail all around! Plus, being swaddled mimics being in the womb: tight, curled up, and unable to move much. This will often bring a sense of calm to your wiggling little one as he or she is tense and stressing out. Read how to effectively swaddle your baby, in pictures. This doesn’t work for all babies, though. Some little ones really love the freedom to move their limbs. If this doesn’t work for you, try the next one.

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2. Side-lying
Whether or not your baby is swaddled, try laying him on his side along your forearm. Keep him very close. Being close to your body helps soothe him as well.

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3. Suck
Sucking is a natural instinct for babies. They begin sucking even while in the womb. Whether they are sucking on a pacifier or suckling the breast, it is a soothing act that leads to relaxation.

sleepy baby with a pacifier
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4. Swing/Rocking
Swinging and rocking your infant is another way to mimic life in the womb. When you were pregnant, it is likely that you felt the most activity at night while lying down to sleep. This is because during the day you were rocking and swaying your little one to sleep while walking around and living life. When baby is tense and stressed out outside of the womb, mimic his life in the womb to relax him. One way to do this is swaying/swinging/rocking.

cradling a sleepy baby
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5. Shh
When your baby is screaming and can’t seem to calm down, put your mouth up to his ears and shhh. You can also use a white noise machine or app on your mobile device. While your little one was growing inside of the womb, there were so many noises happening: heartbeat, blood rushing, fluids surging… shh-ing him will relax him and remind him that he is safe.

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If your baby is tense and struggling to relax, try one of these baby relaxation techniques, but also don’t be nervous to do more than one at a time. You are bound to end up with a relaxed baby!

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