25 Newborn Photos Every Parent Must Capture

As a photographer, it’s my goal to capture every ounce of love possible with the camera in my hands.

As a mama, I take so many photos of my son all day, every day, but so often I am not a part of the frame. It is impossible to capture those precious and intimate moments between the two of us when it’s just the two of us. Newborn photos can help you do just that.

Hiring a photographer to document your baby’s first year is one of the best investments you will make. I always offer to include a few photos of the parents with their newborn towards the end of the session to ensure we capture the immense preciousness of life.

These are fleeting days and there is nothing like a professional photographer to capture the sweetness of parenting through newborn photos.

Here are 25 precious newborn photos every parent must capture:
With Daddy

While you want photos with the whole family, there’s something special about photos of just dad and baby. Be sure to get different poses and don’t forget about the black and white photos.

newborn photos

With Mama

You’ll also want to have your own photos to show the bond between you and your new baby. Again, different poses and expressions are great.

newborn photos with mama

With Brothers and Sisters

Siblings share a special bond. Why not capture it in photos? Some parents choose to have the kids in matching outfits. Whichever way you choose, snap lots of pictures.

newborn photos with siblings

With Mama, Daddy, Baby

Get those first family photos of all three of you! There are so many different poses to choose from!

family newborn photos
family newborn photos
family newborn photos

No matter which photos you take, be sure to frame them so that everyone can see them when they walk into your home. They also make great presents for grandparents and other family members.


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Featured image source: www.ljhollowayphotography.com

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