25 Newborn Photos Every Parent Must Capture

As a photographer, it is my goal to capture every ounce of love possible with the camera in my hands.

As a mama, I take so many photos of my son all day, every day, but so often I am not a part of the frame. It is impossible to capture those precious and intimate moments between the two of us when it is just the two of us. Newborn photos can help you do just that.

Hiring a photographer to document your baby’s first year is one of the best investments you will make. I always offer to include a few photos of the parents with their newborn towards the end of the session to ensure we capture the immense preciousness of life.

These are fleeting days and there is nothing like a professional photographer to capture the sweetness of parenting through newborn photos.

Here are 25 precious newborn photos every parent must capture:
With Daddy
newborn photos

With Mama

newborn photos with mama

With Brothers and Sisters

newborn photos with siblings

With Mama, Daddy, Baby

family newborn photos
family newborn photos
family newborn photos


Source: www.praisewedding.com

Featured image source: www.500px.com


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