The Top 6 Best Diaper Bags

With so many options, choosing the best diaper bag can be a daunting task.

Picking a diaper bag to suit your needs can seem overwhelming. There are so many types of diaper bags. Here is a quick guide that may help when picking the style that is best for you.


When shopping for bags, it is best to focus on functionality. You will need room for all of your baby’s essentials, as well as your own.

Consider weight and size as well. A large bag can hold many things but will also be heavy. A smaller bag is easier to stow and carry when running errands but will limit the number of items that one can pack.

Be mindful that if you are going to use the bag to accommodate more than one child, you may want to get a larger one. That way, there is plenty of space for organization.


The diaper bag market is booming. There are many different styles of bags and choosing the one that is best for your needs can be difficult. Here is a guide of the best diaper bags by style.

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The Stroller Bag

Stroller bags are large and durable. They can attach to most strollers. This allows for the caregiver to be hands-free while carrying all the essentials for your baby.

Most bags have a shoulder strap option in addition to straps that attach the bag to the stroller. These are perfect for parents who are always on the go with their baby. It is also ideal for an outing with multiple children.

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The Messenger Bag

This is one of the best diaper bags for dads. These have ample space while looking stylish and masculine. The shoulder strap allows for an easy grab-and-go aspect.

These are excellent for parents with multiple children in tow. Yet, they lack many pockets and are generally not the best when it comes to organization. Getting a diaper bag organizer would fix that issue.

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The Backpack Diaper Bag

These bags tend to have many pockets and plenty of space to help parents stay organized. The organization is critical to functionality. These make excellent diaper bags for parents of multiples.

Going out and running errands can simply by keeping one of these ready to go. Being able to grab it on your way out the door can make outings simpler.

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The Purse Bag

These are usually larger than your typical bag. They are more stylish than your average diaper bag. Purse bags are perfect for women who want a diaper bag that could pass for a designer handbag.

There are a lot of high-end brands that have diaper bag lines. These can range from affordable to very pricey. The benefit of this style of bag is that it can be used as a purse after the baby no longer needs it.

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The Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are the typical diaper bag. These are very functional and tend to have enough space for everything that you and your baby will need.

Sometimes, the lack of pockets can be an issue with these bags. Like with the messenger bag, an organizer would fix that problem.

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The Diaper Change Kit

You can fold these up into portable changing stations. Some find it convenient to grab one of these and toss it in a larger diaper bag. That way when it is time to change your baby, or you just don’t feel like hauling the big bag out of the car, you can grab this and go.

This option is limited on space. The kit would only be good for a few diaper changes. Giving its size do not expect this to be a daily diaper bag.

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These are the most common styles of diaper bags. Each is different and cater to different people and lifestyles. When choosing yours, keep in mind of the possibility of future uses, especially if it is a bag that is higher in price.

A wet bag is essential when it comes to cloth diapering. It will help contain the dirty diapers until you can clean them. Wet bags will seal closed limiting the odor and prevent the contents getting all over your bag.

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Take all aspects into consideration when choosing a diaper bag. [amazon_textlink text=’You will need enough space to store baby essentials’ asins=’B017LJLI9Y’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’375be547-0507-11e9-b792-8faecdf35373′], as well as a place to store the used wet bags. The shoulder bag, backpack, and messenger bags are the most popular styles when cloth diapering.

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Some bags have plenty of space allotted for organization, and in that case, an organizer is not needed. Others, however, could benefit from an insert.

Every bag is different, and it is best that you make sure the organizer you choose will fit the selected bag as well as your needs. Diaper bag insert organizer for stylish moms is one of the best, according to parents.

The organizer insert is a big positive for some diaper bags in the accessory realm. There are many other essentials as well that make life with your baby/babies easier.

An on-the-go wipes holder is a nice addition. It will keep your wipes wet and make accessibility easier. Also, grab a small cooler or bottle bag. This can help when it is time for your baby to eat.

It is also nice for people with more than one child. You could throw a bottle in it for Baby and a snack in it for an older child or yourself. A pacifier case will help keep you from digging for the ever elusive paci!


[amazon_textlink text=’Munchkin arm and hammer diaper bag dispenser and bags’ asins=’B001QKDI48′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’55be0fe2-0507-11e9-9659-1b0ce17df536′] make a great addition as well. These scented bags are great for throwing away disposable diapers. The dispenser can attach to any bag and is convenient when needed.

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These are just a few of the accessories that can be purchased for your diaper bag. Picking a diaper bag is dependant upon what you want to achieve. Whether it be a designer bag or one for twins it is still an essential when parenting.

Choosing the best diaper bags to suit your needs can be a task, but we hope this guide helps.


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