Top 5 Best Bottles For Breastfeeding Moms

Finding the best bottles for breastfeeding moms can be a tricky task with so many options available in stores and online. Babies can sometimes be quite picky when it comes to these essential tools and rightfully so, as trying new things are not so pleasant. While breastfeeding is a wonderful time for Mom and Baby, life can get busy.

As a Mom, you may have to pump and store your milk for a caregiver to feed your little one. You may also find it easier to pump and feed, or Dad may want to spend quality time by feeding the baby. Figuring out which bottle your little bundle of joy will take with ease can be a task. Thankfully, there some brands that focus on creating nipples for breastfeeding babies. Here is a list of the best bottles for breastfeeding babies.


The Comatoma natural feel baby bottle is one of a kind. Your baby will love the fact that the bottle is created with a soft and skin like material. This mimics the natural feel of Mom’s breast. The composition of this bottle makes it super easy to clean with no brush necessary. The nipples are perfect for an easier latch. The nipple has a dual anti-colic vent to help prevent Baby from swallowing unwanted air.

This bottle is a dishwasher (top rack), microwave, steam sterilizer safe, and is BPA free. The 5oz bottle with the slow flow nipple is great for your newborn. The 8oz bottle is a great option for your infant as it has a medium flow nipple. 80% of babies who have issues with the breast to bottle transition take to the Comotoma natural feel bottle with no issues. This is a great option for the picky Baby!


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The Philips Avent natural bottle has a great shape that is easy for parents as well as Baby to grip. The soft natural shaped nipple promotes a natural latch that is good for a newborn who is used to exclusively breastfeeding. With many bottle sizes and nipple choices, it is easy to transition this bottle as your newborn grows into an infant.

Philips is BPA free and made of polypropylene which is super easy to sterilize. Another positive aspect of this bottle is that it can be used with almost any Avent breast pump. It has an anti-colic airflow system to help prevent colic and reflux. This is a good fit for most breastfeeding babies.


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The Munchkin Latch bottle is pretty unique in comparison to the other bottles. The nipple is ultra flexible and simulates a real breast. It stretches and moves as Mom’s natural breast and nipple would.

The pumping action and pressure against the nipple releases the milk like when a newborn is being breastfed. This allows for an easier transition from breast to bottle. Munchkin also has an anti-colic valve that reduces reflux, gas, and colic. The Munchkin Latch bottle allows for easy transitions from newborn to an infant.

There is also a pump adapter that you can buy. This will allow this bottle to be compatible with many leading breast pump brands such as Evenflo, Medela, and Lansinoh. The versatility of this bottle is exceptional and makes it one of the best bottles for breastfeeding moms.


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The Mimijumi bottle has a one-piece no-flow nipple that is great for breastfeeding babies. This option allows Baby to control the flow of milk for herself. Having a bottle that a premie, newborn, and infant could all use without having to purchase other parts is a big plus for parents. This makes breastfeeding and bottle feeding almost seamlessly interchangeable even as Baby grows bigger.

This bottle’s nipples are made for the breastfeeding baby as it mimics the natural form of a breast eliminating nipple confusion. The nipple also has anti-colic venting and can be assembled easily with one hand. The Mimijumi is made of food and medical grade silicone. It is microwave safe but this bottle should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. This is a great choice for those who want a bottle that requires minimal parts and is easy to assemble.


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Breastfeeding babies can be bottle-fed without difficulty with the Nuk Simply Natural bottle. It’s odor-free, BPA free, and offers an anti-colic system. Nuk has three stages of nipples, which are great for Baby.

They are very similar, if not the same shape as Mom’s nipple while nursing. They also move with Baby providing for a continuous latch. The next stage nipple has six holes and is considered a medium flow which may be best for infants. The third stage nipple is considered a fast flow nipple with nine holes and is better for the faster eater.

Nuk’s nipple options allow for you to pick one that suits your baby depending on her preference. If Baby is happy with her bottle then feeding her will be much easier. This bottle can be a great option for breastfeeding moms as it is easy for most babies to use.

Every baby is different. Finding the perfect nipple and bottle for breastfeeding babies can be difficult trying with so many options to choose from. You may have to go through a few bottles till you find the one brand that works great for you and your little one.

Also, transitioning a newborn from breast to the bottle or being able to interchange the two can seem like a daunting endeavor. However, these brands really focus on making sure that the transition is less stressful for you and the baby. We hope this list of best bottles for breastfeeding moms can help you with this task.

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