Top 2015 Kids Toys that Inspire, Educate, and Comfort

There are parents who rave about completing their holiday shopping in August. They have had an intricate plan of what they were going to purchase since the final gifts were opened the previous year. It is an admirable quality.

If you are anything like me, however, you do not possess that quality. If you are anything like me, you are just starting to panic with the recognition that Christmas is a month and a half away and it’s time to get shopping.

Thankfully, there are lists put together by toy experts (aka for us laggers to refer to.

Infant Toys

600_ss_Lamaze_Pup_1I see this as the most difficult age to purchase for. After all, what do you get a kid who can’t talk and who would rather chase after items to swallow than invest any length of time in a toy designed for his or her age group?

I’ll tell you what you get … these things!

The   and the Original BedBug are toys designed especially for babies. The pup encourages hand-eye coordination with the little bag to put the bone and the ball in while the bedbug allows parents to record custom messages for baby to hear while they are away.

Toddler Toys

I especially love playsets such as the . Not only does it work for toddlers, it transitions into a toy for an older child as they begin using their toys for make-believe.

Preschool Toys highlights a number of great toys for preschoolers, including the Toymail WIFI Messaging Toy that helps parents communicate with their kids much like using a walkie-talkie. Parents record a message using a free iOS or Android app and the child receives it on the custom receiver. The child can then reply.

600_ss_jetaire_camper_tent_0How about a subscription service for your preschooler? is an innovative solution that allows families to “rent” LEGO sets. The child can put the set together before returning it by mail. Perhaps it’s camping that you child enjoys. The Jetair Camper Play Tent can be set up indoors and is complete with seven windows, a license plate, logo and patchwork tire.

If you’re looking for gifts with a distinct message, you can give your child one of six WorryWoo Monsters that come with a storybook. Each of the monsters addresses a specific insecurity and the emotions that go along with it.

The Super Pop-Up Pirate is a toy designed for 4-year-olds and older. I, personally, am not a fan of toys that suddenly pop up and startle me, but I suppose some people enjoy that sort of thing.

I have personal experience with the and I will personally endorse this toy. It is easy for kids to use, encourages fine motor skills, and offers no mess aside from the small balls finding their way onto the floor. I do, however, recommend a set of tweezers for careful placement of these pieces.

The final toys for 4-year-olds on this list incorporate longstanding pop culture that will resonate with kids and parents. The  and the  will be fun for the entire family.


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