Three Reasons I’m in Love with My Diaper Backpack

When I was pregnant, everyone said I needed to add a diaper bag to my baby registry.

Okay. I tried. But all the diaper bags I found were just…not my style. Why didn’t anyone suggest a diaper backpack!?!?

These are not normal backpacks. For example, take a look at my in the photo above.

It’s easy to see the first reason why I LOVE my diaper backpack!

#1 – Compartments Compartments Compartments

On one side, there’s a hard wipes case housed in a special pocket through which you can just pop the case open and pull out a wipe. What!?!? No digging through the bag for the wipes. No wasting money on travel-sized wipe bags. No stashing wipes in plastic zipper bags for the trip. Just fill the case with wipes and go! And, don’t worry, the case won’t pop open by itself if it’s bumped up against something. You really have to push to open it.

On the other side there’s an insulated pocket for bottles and/or sippy cups. There’s also two additional pockets on either side for taller things, like extra diapers, a tall water bottle for mom and dad, or a folded up magazine…cuz y’never know!

The front has four compartments, the main compartment is huge with additional mesh pockets, and it comes with a diaper changing pad. I know, I know, this sounds super sales-y, but seriously…I USE all these compartments! I had no idea I would, yet I do.


#2 – Adjustable, Padded Shoulder Straps

Okay, single straps are one of the reasons I can’t stand bags. I don’t have broad shoulders, so worrying about a bulky diaper bag slipping off my shoulder when I’m carrying a wiggling toddler is not something I want to add to my list of worries.

Plus, these are padded and comfy so even if I’m wearing Baby in her woven wrap I could throw this thing on and it made life super easy! Now that Baby’s bigger and I wear her mostly in our I can throw this backpack over the Ergobaby straps and make it work.

It’s not ideal, but everything remains safe and secure and, besides, it’s not like I’m going on a hike with this thing. I’m usually just walking to and from the car.

#3 – Hubby- and Budget-Friendly

My husband is a full-time dad, and our amazing homemaker. He does half the cooking, most of the cleaning, all the laundry, and probably 90% of the diaper changes.

We’re also on a budget so we didn’t want to do something crazy like buy a diaper bag for me and a diaper backpack for him. We really like having things that are multi-use, multi-purpose, and long-lived.

Unlike the more feminine diaper bag styles, my husband wears this with ease. And this thing is a workhorse. We’ve thrown it around, spilled stuff in it, let Baby crawl all over it and gnaw on it, and it still looks brand new after more than a year of use.

Okay, enough raving. If you were on the fence about getting a diaper bag or diaper backpack, I hope this insider info helped.

Happy shopping, Momma!


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