The Best Baby Bibs for All Occasions

When you’re starting your baby registry, baby bibs are high on the list, aren’t they?

But if you’re a first-time mom, you may not even know which baby bibs are the best, or why.

Bibs are all the same, aren’t they? Not so!

Below is a quick rundown of the different kinds, and when you need them.

#1 –

BabyCareMag - Bib 1 - Burpy Bib

This bib is a great size for nursing/feeding and burping a newborn. You just lay it on Baby when she’s hungry (no fussing to strap it on when she’s screaming to be fed!). Once you’re done, throw it over your shoulder as a burp cloth. Easy peasy!

#2 – [amazon text=Drool Bib&asin=B01679E73S]Drool Bib

Once Baby starts teething, the excessive drooling will probably kick in. This is when you need something snug and super-absorbent. It doesn’t hurt that these bandanna-style bibs are adorable! As a bonus, if you by the Matimati brand they donate “a percentage of every sale to Chain Reaction, a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking.”

#3 –

Trying new foods is a messy business! At this point, the best baby bib for you is going to be a waterproof one with a pocket. With this style pocket bib, the pocket is always open. You don’t have to hold it to make sure it catches the drips and drops. Since it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean and dry before the next meal.

#4 – Sleeved Bib

This one’s for the monster messes. Trying spaghetti for the first time? This one might be a good choice. Again, it’s waterproof for easy cleanup but it keeps Baby’s arms stain-free, too!

#5 – [amazon text=All-Purpose Bib&asin=B004CLYYL4]

You can also get the basic, terry baby bibs. They usually come in white, but you will never see the end of all those food stains. We say stick with colors.

There are also disposable bibs, which we’re not big fans of. They’re not great for the environment and bibs are easy enough to clean (as compared to diapers).

Besides, with all these fabulous choices why settle for a generic, disposable one?

Happy feeding!


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