Teething Necklaces for Babies 101

Teething necklaces for babies are a great way to help soothe your baby’s gums during their teething phase.

Many mothers are not so enthusiastic about giving their little one medicine for every little sign of pain or frustration, and rightfully so.

Tylenol (acetaminophen) has scary ingredients like cellulose, citric acid, corn syrup, dyes, and sodium neonate that are linked to many medical conditions.

Although it provides the quick and temporary pain relief your baby needs, it can create unwanted problems such as asthma and liver failure. Alternatives like the teething necklace help soothe the gums without the use of any toxins or questionable ingredients. They’re simpler, more natural, and more supportive of Baby’s innate abilities to handle the discomforts of teething.

Teething Necklaces for Babies 101

baby with teething necklace


What Are Teething Necklaces Made Of?

  • Silicone: The majority of teething necklaces on the market are made of 100% non-toxic silicone and are BPA free, very similar to your baby’s pacifier. The material is soft yet durable to soothe your little one’s gums and emerging teeth.
  • Amber:  A little controversial, amber teething necklaces are another option to try if you’re looking for a more energetic, gentle approach to help soothe your baby’s teething pain. Made from Baltic amber, the necklace is triggered by body heat releasing a little amount of oil containing succinic acid. Succinic acid is a natural analgesic that can help your baby’s swollen sore gums. Although it’s drug-free, there is no medical evidence suggesting that succinic oil relieves pain and soreness.
  • Wood: Wood is another great option for the organic mom enthusiasts out there. Many are cut from natural maple hardwood and are brushed with organic beeswax, olive oil or coconut oil. The beeswax and oil help to preserve the wood and keep it from drying and splitting.

wooden teething necklace


How Do Teething Necklaces Work?

Silicone and wood teething necklaces or bracelets are designed to be worn by Mom only, so it is advised not to leave baby unattended with teething jewelry simply wear the necklace or bracelet and offer your baby the necklace when she’s ready to bite away. It’s designed for mom but made to comfort your baby’s gums.

The amber necklaces are made for Baby to wear and not to bite. Some parents will put the necklace around Baby’s neck. Others will double- or triple-loop the necklace around Baby’s ankle. When Baby’s sleeping, it’s best to remove the necklace altogether (unless it’s on an older baby and it helps Baby sleep!).


  • Great sensory tools.
  • Can get cold for soothing teething relief (except for the amber necklace).
  • Won’t harbor bacteria.
  • It’s odorless and tasteless.

dad wearing teething necklace holding baby


Teething Necklace Effectiveness

  • Amber: Although amber necklaces are known to have holistic healing properties, they may not work for your baby. Also, it’s important to know that it has not been medically proven. Still, there are good reviews on the product from plenty of satisfied mothers. Amber necklaces last roughly two years with good maintenance.
  • Silicone: The safer alternative, the silicone necklace is created to keep your baby in mind. Soft and durable, the silicone comes in an array of shapes and colors suitable for your little one to enjoy. They do not break or shatter and are safe to wear around your neck as long as they’re designed with a breakaway safety clasp. With the proper care, a silicone necklace can last as long as your little one needs it.
  • Wood: The wood option is another alternative, a little more hard and durable but just as effective as the silicone option. Like the silicone option, the longevity of the wood relies solely on the care of the jewelry.


Amber teething necklace


How to Clean a Teething Necklace

  • Amber: Use a soft cloth dampened with warm water. To maintain, polish lightly with olive oil occasionally and make sure to dry the amber carefully.
  • Silicone: Just soap and warm water will do, or you can stick on the top shelf of your dishwasher.
  • Wood: Soap and warm water as well but it is not dishwasher safe. Re-coat the wood with olive oil or coconut oil occasionally to restore the wood finish.

Amber Teething Necklaces While Sleeping

There are a lot of amber teething necklaces being sold for babies to wear independently. Many moms also express their satisfaction having their baby sleep with teething necklace to help with relief as well as a well-rested baby.

The amber necklace has grown exponentially controversial in the past couple years due to incidents and horrific deaths because of it’s risks of strangulation. It’s important to know that a teething necklace of any material is a serious choking hazard for your little one when they are not monitored.

Children under the age of 3 shouldn’t wear a teething necklace without adult supervision. If your baby needs something to chew on through the night there are other safe teething toys on the market that are designed to be used independently.


Amber Teething Necklaces While Sleeping


Where to Buy a Teething Necklace

  • Amber: Note that when purchasing amber necklaces online, it’s important to make sure the seller is selling authentic raw or polished amber. Both states provide the same healing properties. Here are some reputable websites
    • www.amberocks.com.au
    • www.amberartisans.com
    • www.hazelaid.com
    • www.amazon.com
  • Silicone: BPA and BHA free are the way to go when purchasing silicone to prevent from allergic skin reaction.
    • www.littleteether.com
    • www.chewbeads.com
    • www.willabyshop.com
    • www.thevintagehoneyshop.com
    • www.babysrus.com
    • www.amazon.com
  • Wood: The following websites sell quality finished safe wood necklace for teething
    • www.louloulollipop.com
    • www.baybeeboutiqueonline.com
    • www.alamum.com
    • www.amazon.com

How to Make a Teething Necklace

Making a teething necklace is a great project to try. If you’re interested in making your own teething necklace, there are a lot of wholesale sites that sell the appropriate supplies such as silicone beads, wooden rings, a strong silk cord, and durable clasps for safety and easy wearability. There are also convenient teething necklace kits. It’s important to ensure that you’re purchasing safe products that your little one can use.

Overall, they are an effective and fun alternative with no side effects or apprehension whatsoever. There is something about the bond between Mom and Baby when the mom is allowing the baby pacify instead of relying on medicating with syrup or numbing cream. Letting nature run it’s course without heavily intervening is the way to go. We’re so happy that mothers are questioning what is considered the norm and making their own decisions on what is best for their children. Teething necklaces for babies are a mama must have and is also a great gift for first-time mothers.

What are your thoughts on teething necklaces for babies? Are they effective for your little one? Please share with us in the comments below.






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