Stokke Xplory Stroller Review

Introduction: The Stokke Promise

For parents with babies at home, information on items such as what this Stokke Xplory stroller review contains can be helpful when they are deciding on which brand to purchase. I know this for a fact because I grew up in a family that does not take chances when it comes to products for its youngest members.

We have always believed that our choices as consumers reflect our lifestyle and values – and our baby’s comfort matters a lot.

Suffice it to say, we have come to trust Stokke as a brand of choice. Why? The company, which was established in 1932 and which launched its first children’s product in 1972, produces high-quality items that promote healthy child development.

Not only that – the company is dedicated to innovating children’s furniture and equipment that could also facilitate bonding time between parents and their babies. They followed this philosophy throughout the design, innovation, and sale of their first stroller back in 2003.

They continue to support it today. As of the present, Stokke makes sure that anything they create is centered on the needs of children as well as on optimum functionality, unmatched ergonomics, high-standard comfort, and a design that will remain stylish forever.

So, obviously, you know where I am going with this review. I am pretty sure that if you weren’t interested, you wouldn’t have read this far.

So why am I recommending Stokke? Keep on reading to find out!

Main Criteria – Why a Stokke’s Xplory Stroller?

Stokke’s Xplory StrollerNaturally, you need this product because your baby needs a stroller! Imagine when you go out for walks or when you have to do some shopping.

Without a stroller, I’m sure that it would not be a beautiful sight, neither would it be an easy thing to manage. Personally, I couldn’t even bear the thought of allowing you to commit such an atrocity!

Sure, you could always leave your baby in the care of another family member. But what about those times when no other person can look after your baby?

What would you do? How would you successfully finish all your mommy or daddy tasks? How would you finish them when you have your hands literally full of your baby?

The bottom line is – . Why? Because Xplory’s design allows parents to connect with their babies quickly.

Its outward-facing seating option lets you remain visible to your baby’s sight while he or she looks around curiously. This visibility will likely increase your bonding moments with your child since he or she could see your reassuring smile all the time.

This, in turn, communicates messages of warmth and safety to your baby. Also, the stroller has “a five-point safety harness, and adjustable footrest and handle and adjustable height.” Likewise, its height can be adjusted so that you don’t have to buy a new stroller when your baby is a little bit older or taller.

So for this part of the review, the main criteria then for me to give a stroller an excellent rating include the following indicators:

  • First, the stroller allows for interaction between parents and children to quickly occur.
  • Second, the stroller’s design is ergonomic and safe.
  • Third, the stroller is a cost-effective option.

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Product Review of the Stokke Xplory – What are the features?

, but I’d let the product’s features and dimensions speak for themselves.

  • The product comes in six colors namely, red, purple, black mélange, solid black, dark blue and gray mélange. So you get to pick the hue that is closest to your favorite color.
  • It can carry babies and toddlers who weigh 45 pounds or 15 kg(s) and less.
  • Xplory can be maneuvered smoothly and effortlessly because of its 360 degrees lockable swivel wheels.
  • It weighs 37.9 pounds and has a 23 x 22.6 x 15.6 dimensions
  • The stroller can be part of a system when you also have the car seat and the carry cot.
  • It has a forward-facing seating option as well as multiple parent-facing seat option.
  • Its chassis can be folded.
  • Its stroller seat has 3 options for a parent facing positions namely active, rest and sleep, and two positions facing forward namely rest and active.
  • The stroller seat is padded to make sure that baby is comfortable when sitting on it.
  • It features a storage area, which can carry up to 2 kg(s) load.
  • Its chassis is made of aluminum and plastic parts.
  • The upholstery is made of polyurethane and polyester material.
  • It has a rain cover that is made of phthalate free PVC.
  • Stokke Xplory has a polyester mesh mosquito net.
  • Plus, it has a shopping basket that is made of PVC or polyester filament.

But what makes Stokke Xplory stand-out?

Aside from the features as mentioned earlier, there are a few things that actually make Stokke Xplory stand out among all stroller choices.

These things are the following:

  • The model has an adjustable height that fits café’s, restaurants and more importantly the child’s physical growth rate.
  • Aside from the height, it has an adjustable footrest to stimulate baby’s movement and prevent baby’s feet from dangling.
  • It has no crossbar or any kind of obstruction between stroller wheels so that your feet have more room when walking and pushing the stroller at the same time.
  • Its two wheel function and swivel wheels for easy maneuvering even when you’re pushing the stroller on an uneven surface such as beach pebbles and sand is an excellent bonus feature!

Pros and Cons – Surely, the product has strengths and limitations, right?

Let’s look at its pros

tokke’s Xplory is, so far one of the most ergonomically designed strollers

Stokke’s Xplory is, so far one of the most ergonomically designed strollers I’ve ever encountered. Its adjustable height and handles, two-wheel function, easy to maneuver wheels and the absence of stroller crossbars provide evidence to this advantage.

Similarly, Stokke Xplory seems to be the only stroller that takes into account children’s growth and development both physical and psychological. This in itself reflects premium product quality.

I’ve researched for strollers online, and I have not found anything that actually considers the fact that parents and their babies do share bonding moments when they’re out and about, engaged in ordinary daily tasks. That is, other than Xplory.

Now Let’s look at its cons

The price of Stokke’s Xplory is a different story. Compared to many of the strollers available online especially in Amazon, Xplory’s price can be discouraging.

Some strollers cost around $699, and Xplory’s price range is between $1,000 and $1,225. To be honest, it’s kind of heavy for the wallet. Plus, many of the items that go with it are sold separately.

This means that the money that you spend on them is on top of the current expense you will incur when you buy the stroller. But considering the quality of Stokke Xplory, I would think that the price is justified.

In Conclusion

To wrap things up, I would like to reiterate the idea that – YES, I am recommending the Stokke Xplory Stroller.

In fact, I certainly think that it should be one of the items on your to-buy list for your baby.

Hence, keep this Stokke Xplory Stroller review in mind when you’re out shopping for you to make a guided decision!

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