4 High-Tech Baby Gear Must-Haves For Tech Obsessed Parents

Are you ready to go high-tech with your baby gear? It’s an exciting time in the life of new parents, because these gadgets and apps will have you in awe…

Over time, mostly out of sheer frustration, you learn what your baby’s cry means from hunger to need of sleep. But, what if there was a technology to do that for you?

Cry Translator


Baby Monitor
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Even your stroller is getting a futuristic update!

Origami Power-Folding Stroller

Few parental tasks are as cumbersome as folding and unfolding a stroller. Not so, with the 4moms Origami power-folding stroller that opens and closes autonomously at the touch of a button—you won’t even need to set down those grocery bags or that fussy toddler. The stroller has generators in its rear wheels allowing it to charge itself—and even your phone with an optional accessory ($39.99)—while you walk. Daytime running lights illuminate the legs of the stroller to make you more visible while underbelly pathway lights automatically turn on in dim places. An LCD dashboard with cartoon graphics also features a battery charge indicator, thermometer, speedometer, and trip and lifetime odometers. ~PCMag

Gear for Baby

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