Essentials for Every Changing Table

One of the most important things about a good changing table is efficiency.

This is one of those areas of parenting where you just want to get in and get out with as little hassle as possible. The key to having an efficient set up is knowing what to prepare for and what to stock up on ahead of time.

That’s why we’ve compiled this simple checklist, to help you ensure you’re prepared for when parenting gets all too real.

  • Edge Railing

Babies wiggle and roll. Make sure that the surface you are using is made to keep your child safely upon it. Although you may need to improvise from time to time, this is a must for your main changing area.

  • Place for Diapers
    Pro Tip: Ensure the child on changing table is actually your baby
    Pro Tip: Ensure the child on changing table is actually your baby

This is pretty obvious. Unless you want to cart a bag of tiny human waste from room to room, or even deal with it getting across one room, make sure you have a diaper pail or waste bin nearby. Especially made odor-reducing diaper pails are pretty handy for even more obvious reasons.

  • Soft Bedding and Warm Blanket

It’s important to make sure none of the items could become choking hazards, or create a danger by accidentally covering their mouths. With that said, some simple items to keep baby cozy and warm are a plus.

  • Plastic Liner

Include a safety clip to keep it in place, and a process for easy removal. Changing a diaper can be a messy job, and you will need a way to keep the area sanitary and clean. The best way to maintain cleanliness is a secure plastic covering that is easily removed and cleaned or replaced.

  • Adjustable Height

Parents aren’t always the same height. If this is true in your case, and you both plan and pitching in when it comes to the changing table, you may need to look into a table that can be adjusted to accommodate the changer.

  • Always ensure these items are on hand in ample supply:
    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Baby Lotion
    • Change of clothes

Anything to add to our list of diaper changing table essentials? Let us know in the comments!


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