Ecocentric Mom Unboxing Review September 2017 Subscription

Hi everybody. Reese here with and and I’m here with your September Ecocentric Mom Box. And this month’s theme: Play Date and Date Night Collection. Check this out. Yay.

Alright, lipstick, mascara, wine, because of course, and a little ducky, and a little rocking horse, and a train, so cute. I love this card. Alright, let’s get to it.

YumEarth Organic Twists

Good stuff in this box, I can already tell. Okay, first. YumEarth Organic Twists. I love the yummy yummy edibles. Okay, I need to, I’m not going to, I really want to, I’m not going to. I’m not gonna eat it yet but check this out.

Organic, vegan, no peanuts, no tree nuts, no high fructose corn syrup, than you very much, lots of good yummy stuff in here. This one’s watermelon and lemonade. Okay, I’ll wait. I’ll wait. Alright.

Glow For a Cause Perfume

Let’s see what else we got. GLOW for a cause perfume, oh okay, creamy perfume here we go, check that out. Uh, lighting, sorry, I’m not doing a great job. There we go. Alright, let’s see. Ahhhh, gosh, mmmm, ah. Okay, that is amazing. That is all date night all over this thing. This is, this is sexy. This is a really really sexy scent.

This is all dressed up, out on the town, all dressed up on the couch watching movies with popcorn, not dressed up on the couch, whatever. Super sexy. Amazing. Wow.

Okay, and then there’s another one, Body Butter GLOW for a cause. Alright, check that out. Alright, let’s smell this. Oh that smells good, too. It’s milder, it’s lighter. I can’t even describe this. Like, sexy isn’t a scent, I mean it can be, it is, right? Oh it’s like, I don’t know. It’s just, mmm.

Alright and it’s Body Butter, it’s creamy, yeah, that’s not helping at all. There we go, yeah, creamy, let’s just get a little tiny bit of that. Uh, dirty nails, ah. Alright, just, ahhhh. Holy moly that smells good. Ah, okay. Alright let’s see.

Ah we know this brand. Lyeska Facial Cleanser, Siberian Cedar Nut and Apple and Burdock. That’s exciting. Oh, and it has Calendula, which is excellent. Cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural oils, that’s super important.

Ah, I’m sure there’s a little thing on here. Okay, I don’t want to open it yet, but I will definitely try that tonight. Ah, I love the stuff we got before in previous boxes from Lyeska so, this is a deal. I’m very excited about this.

Water Wipes

What? WaterWipes. 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract. What? It does not get much more pure than that. The world’s purest baby wipes, check that out. Oh, look at that. Beautiful picture. But this is amazing. Seriously, just water and grapefruit extract. Grapefruit seed extract. Yes.

Oh I might have to switch to these. Use within four weeks of opening, yeah that’s easy. Because we don’t use chemicals to bind the liquid, like other brands, the water can sometimes migrate to the bottom of the pack making the top wipes feel dry. Simply turn the pack over and squeeze if a few times and that will redistribute the water through the wipes.

That’s totally fine like if you use, say, I have, okay I totally use one of those wipe warmers, it’s just easier, don’t ask. I know. Um, but those dry out, and then we just throw a bunch of water in there and then they’re fine. So that’s like, a nonissue. That’s amazing. I’m going to switch to these.

Have you heard those stories, of like, moms that use generic or even brand name wipes on their babies just on their babies faces to like, wipe off food, or spit up or whatever? And then like, poor babies break out in this like a rash or something?

Their skin is so sensitive. It’s so sensitive, like you wanna use as little as possible, as few ingredients as possible on their body, until they acclimate to the world. So this is it. This is water and grapefruit seed extract. That’s amazing. Seriously, I might have to switch to these.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler

And last thing, oh Earth Mama Angel Baby. One of my favorite, favorite companies. Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler. Check that out. This is fantastic, there’s, here let’s see, Morning Wellness Tea, mostly mainly ginger, yeah. That’s excellent. Peaceful Mama Tea with lemon balm, camomile, so calming. And Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, so important.

And we all know that red raspberry leaf has been shown, scientifically proven, to shorten the length of labor, specifically stage two of labor, which is active labler, so if you’re not drinking red raspberry leaf tea, and you’re pregnant, drink it now. Starting in your second or third trimester. But yeah, I personally drink an infusion, not a huge difference, it just steeps longer, you can google it, but um, yeah.

Third Trimester Tea, organic red raspberry leaf, organic stinging nettle, yes, okay that is the magical elixir for the third trimester. Seriously, red raspberry leaf to nourish your body and your blood but also to shorten labor, and stinging nettles which are packed with Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps prevent hemorrhaging. And so, which is one of the reasons newborns get a Vitamin K shot or Vitamin K drops as soon as they’re born.

But if you’re filling your body with amazing Vitamin K, then the risks are lessened and you know, you just fill up on it you know, like the third trimester, especially the last month, just so that your body has a ton of Vitamin K in it, just reduces the risk of hemorrhaging. Stinging nettle is also super nourishing for the body and the placenta, both of them, red raspberry leaf tea and stinging nettle, but um, super super nourishing. So amazing herbs to be drinking in the third trimester.

If you’re not doing it, get it now. Buy the herbs, drink the tea, or make an infusion. So good for you, ah, and nettle helps you make very very rich and nutritious breast milk. So, once baby’s out, you know, you’re already drinking that stuff, just keep it going.

And the last thing, Heartburn Tea, yep, spearmint, organic marshmallow, which is good, um marshmallow helps soothe and coat the stomach and intestinal linings. Lemon balm, camomile, red raspberry leaf. Ah, this stuff is so good. So great.

And look. Their little guide about what to drink during pregnancy, what’s safe for during pregnancy, what’s safe for use while breastfeeding, they have a milk make tea for when you’re breastfeeding. Ah, good stuff in this box. Gosh. Ecocentric Mom, amazing.

EcoCentric Mom September Box Rcap

Alright, let’s do a recap.

Yum. That’s all.

GLOW for a cause, okay, hold on, I just have to, just one more time. Ahhh, seriously, I feel like I’m like, 22 years old, out for drinks, five-inch heels, yeah, let’s stop there. So good. Okay. Here you go, that’s definitely date night.

And this facial cleanser cause you gotta get all that makeup off by the end of the night.

Um, WaterWipes, oh get these. Make this happen. So good for baby, you gotta try it. Gotta try it. WaterWipes, amazing.

And then again, the tea sampler. This is an excellent gift for any expecting mom. Seriously. Um yeah. Amazing.

Thank you so much, Ecocentric Mom. Thank you, everybody, for stopping by and checking out my box with me. And we will see you next month. Bye. Alright, we’ll just add some extra time.

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