Ecocentric Mom Unboxing Review October 2017 Subscription

Hi everybody, this is Jana with and And today I’m here to share with you October’s Ecocentric Mom Box. If you’re interested in getting the Ecocentric Mom Box, it is a monthly subscription box and it will cost you $27.99 per month.

They offer four different types of boxes. One is for all the pregnant ladies out there. The second one is for mom and baby, which is labeled from zero to 18 months. The third one is labeled as mom and toddler, so that’s for all the 18 month up until four-year-old children and their moms and the fourth box is for only the moms or women out there who would like to receive this box.

Okay, so let’s take a look at the box. There’s this tiny green card here and it says October Healthy Home Collection. That is this month’s theme. And on the back of the card, there are three quick tips for greener laundry.

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The first one is use wool dryer balls to cut down on drying time by 30% and soften clothes. Add a few drops of essential oils instead of dryer sheets. I so wanna try that. That’s a good tip.

The second tip is avoid products with chlorine bleach, synthetic fragrance, dyes and optical brighteners. And the third tip is use concentrated detergent formulas with reduced packaging and less volume. Also a great tip.

So let’s dive right into the box and see what products Ecocentric Mom brought us this month. This is the first product. It’s Coconut Karma’s portable coconut oil and I love this. I love the design. This is so cute. I think most moms are familiar with these little pouches. Usually you can buy apple sauce in this form and this is awesome.

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I use coconut oil for many things. On the back here, there are the nutritional facts and then also it says use daily for substitute for butter. I love that tip. Coconut oil, you can make your own coconut butter out of coconut shavings, but this coconut oil, you can also use it instead of almond butter or peanut butter and it’s really delicious. I love it.

The second tip on here is oil pulling, which I have personally not tried before, but I read a lot about it. I think it’s really interesting and it supposedly has a lot of health benefits. And honestly, this is the perfect container for oil pulling. You can keep this in your bathroom. You can keep this in your purse. You can get a little bit our of it, close it, put it back. This is very practical for oil pulling.

The next tip says blending into your coffee. I have also never tried this before. I do use coconut creamer in my coffee, but I’ve never tried to put coconut oil in a coffee so I definitely am intrigued to try that just to see what it taste like.

And then the last tip on here is moisturizing hair and skin. That is something that I have tried before. I love to use coconut oil as a hand moisturizer because my hands get so dry and it’s like the best moisturizer for your hands. I also use coconut oil as a makeup remover so this is, again, the perfect container to keep the coconut oil in your bathroom. I absolutely love this. I’m so gonna use this.

The next product here is Nature Baby Organics conditioner and detangler in vanilla tangerine scent. Let’s see what this smells like. Oh my goodness. This is so yummy. It taste like cake. Smells like cake. I’m sorry, I’m not eating it, but it literally tastes so good that I think if I use this on my daughter’s hair she’s gonna wanna eat it. But it’s free of SLS, parabens, gluten and it’s hypoallergenic. And it says it’s leave in or rinse out for silky hair.

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This smells so good. I’m loving this already and I hope it will be a good detangler because my daughter has long hair and her hair gets tangled all the time and I actually have issues finding a good detangler for her so this feels very creamy. So I think this will actually be very good as a detangler so I’m excited to use this as well.

Next, we have laundry suds in citrus scent from Lilac Moon Company. It says it’s made in the USA. It says shake two loads. Shake well. Pour half of the bottle on a normal load of laundry. Use other half the same way. I thought there was a little card in the … can’t find it right now. But there was a coupon … came with this. That I have displaced at the moment.

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But this is what it looks like. There’s two loads worth of laundry. I believe it’s the concentrated laundry detergent. And it smells so good. It definitely smells like lemon bars. I’m getting hungry. There’s so many good smelling articles in here. Very good. I’m very excited to try this. I hope that the citrus smell will stay in the laundry.

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The next product that we have here is our three 100% wool dryer balls from Ecocentric Mom. There’s three balls in here. They don’t smell like anything yummy, but that’s what they look like. Very fun.

This is a cool ball for a baby. I’m sure you can use this ball for many things, but it is a wool dryer ball and they’re supposed to cut down your drying time by 30% and soften your clothes. Very interesting product. I’m super excited to use these. Thank you Ecocentric Mom. That is very interesting.

The next product we have is something very cute. It’s a silky soft swaddle blanket by Aden and it feels really soft. It literally feels silky soft and it says it’s for swaddling, tummy time, stroller cover, nursing cover, burp cloth and changing table cover. So very versatile.

It is very soft and it’s gray and I love all gray things so this is super cute. My daughter actually uses her swaddling blankets that we used on her as a baby as cuddling blankets at night and she would absolutely love this. It is so soft. Love it.

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And then we have the last product here and that is Lovebug Probiotics Tiny Tummies. It says for babies 12 months to four years old. And there’s 30 probiotic packets in here. They’re flavorless, non-GMO, sugar free and gluten free.

It also says it has 15 billion active cultures, eight different strains including lactobacillus GG. And it says it helps reduce occasional digestive upset and helps to restore friendly bacteria. This is really interesting.

I’m actually not very big on probiotics. I know that they’re very good for you, but I haven’t really used them either on my daughter or myself. So this is very interesting. I’m very intrigued to see what it taste like.

It says you can mix them with cool food or drinks, but not warm or hot food or beverages. So, it says they’re flavorless so this should be fine, but that’s a very good supplement for children. Very interesting.

Those were all of the products in the box. Let’s do a quick review. Number one, portable coconut oil from Coconut Karma. How cool is this? This can be used in so many scenarios in your everyday life. I love it. And it’s purple, which is always good.

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Number two, Nature’s Baby Organics conditioner and detangler in vanilla tangerine scent. Smells so good I’m afraid my daughter will eat it when I’m not watching her.

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Number three, laundry suds in citrus scent by Lilac Moon Company, made in USA. Also smells amazing. Great citrus scent. I hope this will be effective and will get out the tough stains and will make my laundry smell amazing. Thank you.

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Number three, 100% wool dryer balls by Ecocentric Mom. They’re the coolest looking things. I’m thinking this can be used as a toy, probably as a dog toy, as a cat toy. They are so cool, but I will definitely use them as wool dryer balls. I wanna see if they work. I wanna see if they cut down the drying time and I wanna see if they make my laundry softer, which they claim.

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Number four, silky soft swaddle blanket by Aden. I love it. It feels so soft. Really thinking hard about how I’m gonna use this swaddle blanket, or for who. Thank you.

And number five, Lovebug Probiotics for babies 12 months to four years. Like I said, I haven’t tried probiotics before, but if it doesn’t taste like anything like it says, it’s flavorless, I will definitely sneak this into my daughter’s soup.

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That’s it. This was my review of my first Ecocentric Mom Box. I can’t wait for November’s box already. Those were all great products. I’m very excited to use them. If you have any questions, please comment below. Otherwise, I hope I’ll see you next month with November’s Ecocentric Mom Box. Thank you guys, bye.

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