Ecocentric Mom Unboxing Review July 2017 Subscription

Hi everyone, this is Reese with and, and today I’m here to talk to you about my first Ecocentric Mom box. It is the July box, and here’s the box. There you go. Oh, there, there. I haven’t seen what’s in this yet, so you get to check it out with me.

Inside of The Ecocentric Mom Box

Okay, so this is really cool. Girl Power! Check that out! “This month’s Ecocentric Box features products by women-founded, women-led businesses.

>Give a New Mom a Mom & Baby Gift Box Subscription. Free Shipping!

These women founders were fed up with products that didn’t meet their high standards, so they set out to create ones that did.” Okay, I already love this box. I already love it! This is fantastic!

I mean, this is right up my alley. I love women-owned businesses. I started my first three businesses before I turned 30. I think that’s fabulous, and I have so much more to say about that, but let’s get into the box. Totally eco-friendly, recycled paper.

Nine Naturals Repairing Body Balm

“This versatile body balm uses nutrient-rich, organic–” Eee, I don’t know how to pronounce this. Mong-gong-go… oil? I’m so sorry! “to repair and protect skin.” All right. Hmm, it’s a really light scent. I mean it really just smells like the oils, like the olive oil and the cocoa butter. Jojoba oil. Nothing too strong.

Oh, it’s really smooth. Very body butter, like very nice and creamy. That is awesome. I’m going to use that.

Missy J’s Cookie

Missy J’s… Cookie. Lemon Raspberry. No cane sugar? That is excellent. That is excellent. I’m kind of over the cane sugar. I’ve been a lot of sweetening with honey or maple syrup.

This has coconut sugar, which is fantastic. I’m a big fan. Almond meat and flour, coconut flour, coconut oil, coconut milk, tapioca starch. Okay, this is stuff that I would cook at home. I mean, literally I bake with– We just had zucchini bread with coconut flour and almond meal and almond flour last night.

I didn’t bake it. A neighbor baked it for us, but it’s exactly what I would have made at home. So, this is fantastic. That’s getting eaten as soon as this video is done.

Baby’s First Year

Aww! Check out these Baby’s First Year stickers! Oh, so cute! “Capture your baby’s monthly growth, and celebrate milestones throughout this very special first year.” So, here’s the one month, and here’s how they look on the back. One month, two months.

I can sit up. I can crawl. I can walk. Ugh, this is so cute! I’m kind of swooning because I’m still deliberating about having the second one or not. We have one daughter right now, and we’re pretty happy, and we’re just not sure if we want to have another one, and we’re still deciding.

So, those stickers totally make me want to have another one, but don’t tell my husband. Okay, this one is…

nutrient-dense anti-aging lip conditioner

Oh gosh, I gotta try this. My lips are so dry. Okay, there’s that oil I couldn’t pronounce. The mongongo. Mah, I don’t know. I don’t know. Mandarin green, orange, and ginger. Okay, let’s open this guy up.

Mmm, very citrusy. Oh, that’s so smooth. That’s really smooth. Oh, and yummy! Oh, that’s like mandarin orange. Oh my gosh. It’s like smells better when it’s on than in the stick, which is so strange, but that’s delicious. Sunflower seed oil, beeswax, cocoa butter.

Oh, lots of essential oils, vitamin E. Singing my song with this one! All right, and now, check this out.

Coconut and lime soap

Okay, I… kid you not. I was online this morning, looking for really gentle goat’s milk soap for me and the baby, and then, I came across coconut milk soap, and I thought, you know what? We should try coconut milk soap, and here it is in my freakin’ box. That’s so amazing. Coconut oil, coconut milk, lime essential oil. I mean, Gosh, it doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? Check that out. Handcrafted, vegan plant oils.

Let me open this up. Mmm, gosh, I love handcrafted soaps. They’re so awesome. Yeah, the lighting isn’t great for that, but anyway, I’m gonna use this tonight. I’m so excited! I was literally just gonna buy one today! Holy cow!

Box Overview

Okay, so that’s it for the box. Let’s do a quick review.

Here is the body balm, which I’m pretty excited about, especially since my husband works outside a lot, and he gets a lot of like cuts and scrapes and stuff, and I do too when I’m out there. Not as much as he does, but definitely like as soon as I go out there. Plus we have an endless amount of blackberry bushes that are thorny, and of course, we’re out there picking, and you know, we get poked a little bit, anyway.

Here’s the cookie, and also there’s a gift. There’s a gift online for two bonus gifts, sorry. Two bonus gifts. I might have to check that out. Gosh, those look so yummy! I’m so opening it right now. I can’t even wait.

Okay, and then, here’s the lip balm. There you go. Yeah, that’s not helpful, is it? There we go. Sorry, nails are super dirty. I was out gardening this morning. I don’t do it often, but it happens.

Here’s the stickers. Aww! So cute! So cute! Just born. Just born! Ugh, love that!

And the soap. I mean, seriously, I’m still kinda tripping out on this. Anyway, so happy!

Thank you so much, Ecocentric Mom! Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting these amazing boxes together.

Oh, and check this out! Pregnancy Safe Soap. There you go, which is so important because if you’re pregnant, you really, really need to be aware of what you’re putting on your body as much as what you’re putting in your body, because it gets absorbed through your skin and some things go into your bloodstream through your skin, and anyway, super important.

So, thank you for pointing that out. I love it! I love this box! That’s it. Comment below if you have any questions, and I will see you next month! Bye!

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