Ecocentric Mom Unboxing Review August 2017 Subscription

Hi everyone, it’s Reese again with and and I am back with more ecocentric mom surprises. This is the August box, here you go and I don’t know if you can recall but this is a slightly different color than the last one. It’s a little bit darker, it’s a little bit richer color which I really like.

I don’t know if that probably doesn’t make a difference to the contents, but I really like it. So I’m opening it up, haven’t seen what’s in here yet. Let’s see.

Okay, stuffing, stuffing, lots of good eco-friendly stuffing.

South of France Natural Body Care

Let’s see. Okay, so we’ve got some samples of- what is this? This is lemon verbena hand wash with soothing aloe vera. Mmm, lemon. Here’s this one, from South of France Natural Body Care hand wash. Okay.

I’m reading the back here. Free of Phthalates, Sodium Lauryl, Laureth Sulfate, Parabens, Animal By-Products, and Glutens. Very cool. This is exciting.

Okay, I’m going to try that. That is fabulous. Oh, hand wash with soothing aloe vera. This time, lavender fields. I’m a big big fan of lavender. Big, big fan.

I could have my house surrounded by lavender plants. Infused with a traditional Marseille recipe of moisturizing coconut oil. My favorite. And soothing aloe vera to leave skin cleansed and deeply moisturized. I can’t wait to try these. Okay.

Scar and Stretch Salve by Sincerely Different

Let’s see, what else? There is scar and stretch salve, yes, by Sincerely Different. Check that out, that’s adorable. We need that, because I have stretch marks and hubby has so many scars.

I mean, not like a ton of big giant ones and he kind of really likes his scars. He thinks it gives him personality, but he’s always cutting himself. He’s very, like he’s super handy, he’s an artist, he’s a crafts person, he’s a builder, he’s a woodworker and so just by virtue of like doing normal stuff everyday, he ends up cutting himself or scratching himself. And we always needs salves around the house, mmhm that’s yummy.

We need salves like, in every room because he just doesn’t notice it and then, he’ll look at his hand or something will sting, and he’s like, “Oh, what is that?” and he realizes he cut himself. So this smells delicious, I don’t know what’s in it, let’s see.

Arrowroot powder, which I love. I cook with that a lot too but it’s also great in personal care products because it’s food-based, it’s edible, it’s amazing and really good for your body inside and out, in my opinion. Mango butter and shea butter and beeswax and coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. Holy cow, this is like, I mean, this is a tiny little container but they really brought the big guns.

And then there’s lemon, oh that’s what I’m smelling, oh, and the lavender oil, there it is, I knew it. Ahh. That’s that yummy smell, lemon and lavender and look, it’s just it’s so creamy yeah you can’t see that that’s not very good. There we go.

It’s kind of thick, it actually feels like cold butter. I mean it’s not cold, but it feels like the consistency of cold butter. Like nice and creamy. Mmhm, yum. That’s gonna get used.

Gaffer and Child, Hydrating Serum

Let’s see, what else. Gaffer and Child, hydrating serum. This ultra-light facial moisturizer contains only the highest quality organic ingredients, creating the perfect defense for your skin against the elements. Use daily for youthful, radiant skin. Well, who doesn’t love that?

Shake well, apply to clean skin with fingertips by lightly patting. Reapply as needed. Interesting. Interesting. I mean, I could certainly use it.

Let’s see, argan oil. Argin? Argan? I don’t know. Tomato extract, who knew? Cold pressed carrot seed oil. Fascinating.

More lavender, more lavender, more lemon, I am seeing a theme this month. Okay, I’m gonna try that. That’s really neat. Oh, and it also says recycle today for a better tomorrow, that makes me so happy.

Can you see that? There you go. Recycle today for a better tomorrow. I love that, I love that little saying. That’s very cool.

What else? Oh my gosh, so much good stuff this month. Bee Maternal sent calming spray, calming spray. Oh wow, do I need this. Shake well before each use, spritz directly on self, in air, or lightly mist liner space for peaceful mood.

Okay, what’s in it? What’s in it? What’s in it? I don’t know what’s in it. Bee Maternal Organics, oh, made of deionized EAU. I don’t actually know what that means, and essential oils. All right, let me smell it. Okay, I don’t know what I’m smelling. Let’s try this. I’ll spray it over here. Let’s see.

Oh, it does make me kind of sleepy. It does, it smells like… oh it smells like really really nice, expensive sheets in a hotel. Like, not the super crunchy crispy ones, and like a normal, like at a normal hotel. Like that kind of smell, like bleach. But, when you go to like a really fancy hotel.

God that smells good. All right, let me try that again. It’s just landing on my arm, so I’m just gonna spray my arm. It’s what’s happening here. Okay.

Ahhh, seriously, it- oh, I could take a nap right now. Or I’m just really tired anyway, but this is amazing. I mean, like, I need to go online to figure out what’s in it, just so I know, just so I know that it’s baby-friendly and toddler-friendly.

If you don’t know, there are lots of essential oils that are not safe for babies and toddlers. For children under six or seven, their lungs are not as fully developed. It’s really really hard for them to deal with even just scents in the air, even just aromatherapy.

So like, eucalyptus oil, you really don’t wanna use around or with babies, toddlers. It’s a little too harsh for them. There’s a whole list, I think it’s, gosh I have to look it up, you can Google it I’m sure and find it really easily.

But yeah, I would just want to double check to make sure that it was toddler-friendly, otherwise I would just use it when she’s not around. Mmmhm. Gosh, that’s lovely. So, okay. All right. Moving on.

One Size Bellyband by Lassig

Here’s the last one, one size belly band. Oh my gosh, look at this. Check this out. Nice and stretchy, goes right on your tummy just like that. Mostly cotton, part lyrca, made in Turkey, very cool. Gosh.

Okay so if we ever decide on that second baby, I’m gonna keep this. It’s really cute, I wanna, let’s see. Let’s take a look at it. Oh and it’s like stretchy, or scrunchy. What am I saying?

There you go, see like this is what I mean there. Okay, and it just goes right around your belly, I guess as pregnancy support, is what I’m thinking. I mean that’s what it looks like, right? Just to give you a little bit of support.

This is really cool. Gosh. I wish I had this when I was pregnant, so I could try it. So this is the size, I mean it kind of looks like a like a little tube top, right? But, it’s actually for your belly, to support your growing tummy and support that baby in there.

So that’s kinda neat, so you should check them out ’cause I’ve never seen any like this. Like I’ve seen belly bands that are a lot more firm. They look like weight belts, they’re a little too intense. This might be just right.

The brand is Lassig, L-a-s-s-i-g. Do you see that? So check them out and see what you think they’ve got, this is kind of new to me so it’s really cool. I really have to have one of my pregnancy, my pregnancy friends, no my pregnant friends try it out just ’cause they might love it and this could be so awesome.

August 2017 Subscription Overview

All right, so quick run-down. Here’s the belly band. From, again, I could totally be pronouncing this wrong, Lassig? I don’t know.

There’s the calming scent spray. It just makes me smile just thinking about it. Okay, all right.

There’s this hydrating serum. I definitely need to try this. Hydrating, there we go. Youthful skin, and if you want to read the ingredients, it’s not focusing very well. Sorry, but you can kind of, if you screenshot it, you can kind of catch it.

And then oh, yes this stuff, the scar and stress salve. I really need to do a comparison video of like all the salves I’ve tried just to tell everyone how they’ve worked for us. And then, these fabulous South of France hand washes. I was gonna say lotions, but no, they’re hand washes. Lemon, here, lemon and lavender.

So if you haven’t gotten your box this month, and this looks really exciting to you you should check it out, ’cause there’s some really good stuff in here. This makes me very happy. So, thank you for joining me this month, come back next month, check out the September box with me. And yeah, I’ll see you next time.

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