Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box – September Review and Unboxing

Hi ladies, this is Jana, back again with, and and today I’m here with September’s Ecocentric Mom Box, yay! Ecocentric Mom Box is our favorite subscription box. It’s perfect for mothers of little ones, primarily babies and toddlers, and pregnant moms. And ladies who don’t have kids actually as well. So there’s definitely something in here for everybody because these boxes vary based on life stages you could say. Yeah, so let’s check this one out and then I’ll tell you a little more about it in the end.

Oh, I thought this was some money but it only looks like money. Okay, first up we have WooBamboo Eco-Awesome Floss. That looks fun. I think, oh, and a toothbrush. So this is a set Eco-Awesome Bamboo toothbrush for kid. This is a really cute one. I can say that I have seen those bamboo toothbrushes more and more in the stores now. This one is really cute, my daughter is gonna love this one. The floss is made with bio-degradable silk. And the package is a dispenser, so that’s pretty cool.

Ecocentric Mom Box

And this little WooBamboo WooBuck is like a coupon. To use this WooBuck go to Fun. Fun. And my daughter is totally into different toothbrushes and toothpaste for now, so she’s gonna be happy that she can add another toothbrush to her collection.

Ecocentric Mom Box

Then we have something yummy for kids. Peter Rabbit Organics banana, mango, broccoli, and kale. Organic Fruit and Vegetable Purree. Looks delicious and healthy. I’m trying to think if my daughter had this one before but I don’t think so. But she loves pretty much everything in a pouch so I have a feeling she’s gonna like this one as well.

Mom Skincare for Dry and Sensitive Skin. Let’s see. Mommy Bright Eye Booster by Visha. I hope that’s how you pronounce it, Visha. Let’s see if we can get this. Okay, there’s four in one. Four in One Eye Booster, and there’s also a coupon in here. A little catalog, and looks like yeah, they have different products on the back and explain the products. So it’s a Visha Skincare, Mommy Skincare. Safe for pregnancy and nursing. And then there’s a 20% off coupon, from Ecocentric Mom, from their website. So you can go on to their website and buy the Visha Skincare products.

Ecocentric Mom Box

Okay then, something else for mom. ADORAtherapy Mood Boost. This looks really cute. There is cute packaging. I’m not sure what it is yet. So it is a spray. I can already smell something. Spray. I believe this is like an aromatherapy room spray. Spray, breathe, transform. Mist around personal space and breathe in to boost your mood anytime, anywhere. Yay, I love those. And it’s with lavender and rosewood so I love lavender so I’m sure I’m gonna love this. And it’s such a pretty package that I’m almost considering to give this to one of my beloved lady friends.

Ecocentric Mom Box

Okay next up Style Me Silicone-free Hair Oil. Organic pharmaceuticals by Balanced Guru. Mm-hmm. Let’s see if you guys can see this, there you go. Style Me, organic styling oil. Roots to end, good for all hair types, enriched with argan oil and pumpkin oil. Helps to style and control fly-aways which I have often. And reduces frizz and controls curls. Extremely lightweight and nourishing. Well, another goodie for mom. Okay, that’s the third one already.

Ecocentric Mom Box

And so, and there’s something else in here. Oh so, for the toothpaste, for the toothbrush and floss there was also a Eco-Awesome Toothpaste in here from WooBamboo, In the flavor Bubble Berry. That comes with this little package. So that’s a set of toothpaste, floss, and toothbrush. Cool, okay.

Ecocentric Mom Box

So that’s it, we have the one, two, three, four, five products of September’s Ecocentric Mom Box. And let’s do a quick recap.

So, we already looked, which I just found, this little toothpaste, toothbrush, and a floss from WooBamboo. They’re all eco-friendly, bio-degradable silk is what the floss is made out of. The toothbrush is made from bamboo, and then we have the little toothpaste to try.

Then we had something else yummy, which goes before the toothbrushing, from Peter Rabbit Organics banana, mango, broccoli and kale fruit pouch. Yum Yum. It’s pretty big, this is kind of not one of the small ones, a bigger one. So that’s very cool.

Next we have the Mommy Bright Eye Booster four in one by Visha Skincare. Let me see here. By Visha Skincare, that’s skincare for mommy’s. Which is pregnancy and nursing friendly.

Next we had the super cute Mood Boost Spray by ADORAtherapy. Super cute. I’m really excited to try this, but I’m really thinking about it you know because it’s such a cute package.

And the Style Me Silicone-free Hair Oil. For all types of hair, organic. 95% active ingredients. Cool.

And now I’m seeing that we almost forgot our little card from Ecocentric Mom. So they have been giving us these links recently which tell you what products are inside your box, the full value of those products, and you can order them again from their website. So that is also in here, which comes in very handy just to get a worth of the box.

Yes, so that was September’s Ecocentric Mom Box. Like I said, this is our favorite subscription box. Perfect for moms and babies. And we’re excited to open the next one with you guys. So if you have any questions or comments please let us know on social media or in the comments section, and we will hope to answer those questions for you as soon as possible. Until then, I see you next month. Bye bye.

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