Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box – October Review and Unboxing

Hi, everybody, it’s me again, Jana with and And today I’m back with October’s Ecocentric Mom Box. This is a subscription box for all stages of pregnancy and motherhood, which is filled with organic and all-natural goodies for moms and babies.

So far we’ve been loving it. We’ve been receiving it a little over a year. And every month they keep surprising us. And we’re really loving the products that are inside of here. So let’s take a look at this month’s Ecocentric Mom Box.

Welcome to this month’s Ecocentric Mom Box. This card has been there for a couple of months now. It gives you a link, and when you go to this link you can see the exact products that in your box, plus you can order them from Ecocentric Mom’s website. So this has been pretty good. I think the best solution that they had since we’ve been getting the boxes. So that’s pretty great.

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Okay, so here, first product up, Pure Cosmetics. It’s a revolutionary quick-drying technology, makes travel easier. Okay, that’s not the product. Let’s see what this is. Oh, reusable facial cloth. That’s fun.

I’ve been hearing about these. I haven’t tried them yet. I do use wet makeup remover cloths. And I do kinda like them. But I have been hearing about this type of facial cloth. Supposedly they are washable. They must be if they’re reusable.

Let’s see, yes, machine wash in cold water if desired. You can put the cleanser on your skin and then rinse the cloth completely and then take all the dirt off of your face with this. So this is a really interesting concept.

I hope this works. I would really love this if it did because let’s be honest, the wet disposable makeup remover cloths are pretty costly, and this would save me quite a bit of money. And it’s probably better for your skin, too. So I’m excited to try this.

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Oh, next, something else hopefully for me. Fine & Raw chocolate, lucuma and vanilla, 67% chocolate I assume. Organic cocoa bean, organic coconut sugar, and organic cocoa butter are inside here. It looks pretty cute. That’s a good chocolate bar for on-the-go as well.

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Next up we have something for the little ones, a Shutterbug Camera by BeginAgain. That’s fun. That is a very cute toy for kids. As you can see, I’m not sure if you can see it’s made from eco-friendly rubberwood.

It says a storytelling camera with two lenses to make. That’s fun. I don’t have a camera where I can change the lenses, but I’m sure the little ones would really like it. It’s from age two to age six. And it’s great for on the go. That’s pretty neat.

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Next up we have a book. Yay, we love books. It’s called Even Monsters Need Haircuts. That’s perfect for Halloween. I love this. By Matthew McElligott. I’ve never heard of this book before, so we’ve never read it, I believe. And that’s fun. It’s about monsters and getting haircuts, which is a big topic in our household. Sometimes they’re very popular, sometimes they’re not. So this is a really cute book with illustrations, fun.

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And then something for me. Okay, I can’t really, okay, it’s probably Jaiden Madison, Ladylike, and I believe this is a lip gloss. I think it says Jaiden, Jaiden Madison Ladylike. I believe it’s a lip gloss. I can’t, it doesn’t really say. Yeah, it doesn’t say. So it could be an eyeshadow as well, but I’m assuming it’s a lip gloss. And so here’s where this link comes in really handy because you can just look up what exactly it is. So that’s perfect.

Baby, Parenting, Pregnancy, Products

All right, so let’s do a quick recap. We unpacked our five products. First up was the reusable facial cloth by Pure Cosmetics. Next, we had something yummy hopefully for me, Fine & Raw chocolate. So it is, the company is called Fine & Raw, and it’s a chocolate bar with lucuma and vanilla. Then we had something fun for the little ones today, which I really love. It’s a camera made out of eco-friendly rubberwood by BeginAgain, the Shutterbug Camera. And a Halloween-themed product, a little book, Even Monsters Need Haircuts. That’s a fun concept, fun story. And something else for me, the Ladylike I believe lip gloss by Jaiden Madison.

Okay, those are the five products. We will give you the complete breakdown with the prices and the total value of the box. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments either on social media or on our website. And if not, then I’ll see you again next month with November’s Ecocentric Mom Box. Thank you, bye.

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