Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box – May Review and Unboxing

Hi, guys. It’s me again, Jana, with and, and today I’m here with the next Ecocentric Mom box. This is my May Ecocentric Mom box, and I’m here to check out what’s inside with you guys.

This is a monthly subscription box, as we said before. They start at $32.99 a month, and they feature all kinds of good stuff for moms, for the stages between pregnancy and toddlerhood. You can have this as a monthly subscription, but you can also buy this as a gift for any mom that you care about or you want to make happy with a small gift. So let’s take a look at May’s Ecocentric Mom box.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

This month’s little envelope with cards. Those little cards feature some of the products that are inside this box. Something practical, something for mama, and something for little, we have this month. They also have the product prices, which is pretty cool.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

First thing out, I see something red and something cute. It’s a SiliBib, a silicone bib with optional scoop. It’s very cute. It can be used for boys and girls because it is red.

This is the optional scoop. I have never seen a silicone bib before, but I have to say that this is a great idea. You can open and close it. It’s adjustable. And it’s obviously easy to clean. So this is perfect for on the go. Dishwasher safe, nontoxic, and hypoallergenic silicone. Cool.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

Next we have a card. I think this is a promotion card. Yes. Let’s see what the product is. Oh, peanut butter cups. Jessie’s Nutty Cups. Handcrafted peanut butter cups with a 10% off coupon. I guess this is Jessie. Very cute lady. And it looks like they are handmade, so I’m excited to see what they will taste like because they come in this super cute package which is also great for gifting, and they look pretty delicious. Dark sea salt, mmm.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

We have a weekly potty training chart. That comes in very handy with toddlers who are in the potty training stage. There’s a guide to potty training on the back. It comes with a dry erase pen and a card.

Let’s see. Gift Genie. Oh, that’s the brand, okay, I see. So they have this split up with made pee in the potty, made poop in the potty, and stayed dry with no accidents. And like I said, there is a guide of potty training in the back. Very handy, very practical. Oop, there you are. Weekly potty training chart by Gift Genie.

Okay, so here I see the matching card for it. Potty training chart by Gift Genie Express. It’s worth 10 dollars. Developed by a 15 year veteran of early childhood education, everything you need to know and expect about potty training a toddler. Includes a laminated, double-sided potty chart with weekly and daily goals.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

Next we have something for summer and camping season. This is a Bug Protector, all-natural bug repellent for ticks and for mosquitoes. Hope this is visible. Okay, with a 20% off coupon, and this is by, I’m assuming, Protector brands. Let’s see if we have a card for those. Yes. All natural mosquito and tick repellent.

They’re each worth $3.49. I’m sorry, the tick repellent I think is worth $3.99. And they’re deet-free, plant-based and made with essential oils and other nontoxic ingredients, and they’re safe for adults, kids, dogs and gear. Perfect. Perfect for going camping.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

Next we have something small. It’s a solar powered surf-driven reef-safe. I think this is a sunblock. Let’s see if we have a card for this. We do. Surf Durt. This is worth 14 dollars. Oh, now I see it. Surf Durt. And it’s an all-natural, reef-safe sunblock made without any of the toxins or hormone disruptors found in chemical sunscreens.

So this is a very pasty product, which comes in very handy too. Oh, it smells very chocolatey. Let’s see what’s in here. Oh, okay. So this is made of cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, beeswax, carrot seed oil, and so on. It smells very good. I will love to use this, this summer.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

And last but not least, we have a cute little children’s book. Okay, Sweet Dreams Moonbeams. Super cute. I have never seen this book before.

There’s a little moon in here. Oh, okay, so it’s just on the first page. My daughter loves these tricky little things that their children’s books come up with. It’s very sweet illustration. Looks almost like, I was going to say it’s about camping, but I don’t think so. I’m just thinking about camping right now because of the bug repellent.

Let’s see what it says. Be quiet and still so as not to startle the animals as they snuggle down to sleep in this gentle rhyming story. Super cute.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

Okay, let’s take a quick recap of the products that we have this month. You have one, two, three, four, five, six. Once again, the little children’s book, Sweet Dreams Moonbeams.

Next we have the weekly potty chart by Gift Genie.

And we also had something very practical, a silicone bib by SiliBib, with the optional scoop, which is so popular with kids. Perfect.

Then we had something yummy for me. Jessie’s nutty cups in dark sea salt with a coupon, 10% off.

Then we have the bug protectors for mosquitoes and ticks. Ticks are so dangerous. So this is perfect for this summer. Camping, hanging out at the lake, the beach. Wherever you want to be, you can use this. Perfect.

And also something for summer, Surf Durt. The all-natural sunblock that smells so delicious. I can’t get enough of it. Amazing.

That was it. That was our one, two, three, four, five, six products from May’s Ecocentric Mom box. I wanted to say one more thing. The thing that has really stood out to me with the Ecocentric Mom Box is the variety of the products each month. You’d think you got this this month, next month you’re going to get something very similar. No, think again. You’re going to get something completely different, and I really appreciate it.

So thank you to Ecocentric Mom Box. Please, if you have any questions, let us know. Leave us comments. Like our posts. And until next month I see you again, this is Jana with and Bye-bye.

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