Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box – June Review and Unboxing

Hi everybody, it’s me, Jana, from, and, and I am here today to open June’s Ecocentric Mom box with you. I thought of you today, because I’m currently packing up for a camping trip with my family. We love to go camping. And I made use of three products from my previous Ecocentric Mom boxes, so I wanted to let you guys know that.

One product that I was very impressed with, honestly, is this low-key travel pouches. I have this small picture. So if you saw the previous videos, I show them to you guys, and I actually use them for my underwear and medications. So all this stuff is kinda compact, in a pouch, in your travel bag, which is very practical.

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The other product that I used was the SurfDurt sun block tub, kind of the cream, which is also, comes in very handy when you travel. There’s quite a bit of product in there, and yeah, I was very impressed with that. And also the Plaine Products body wash in travel sizes.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

So those were the previous products that I used from my, that I’m going to use for my camping trip, and now we’re gonna see what’s inside June’s Ecocentric Mom box.

All right, here is the little envelope with the card, packaged with love for you and your baby, you and your 20-month-old, and we have a few cards in here that describe some of the products that are in the box, and also show the size and the price. So we’ll take a look at those in a minute.

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First product, Snack Happens, Mini Reusable Snack & Everything Bag, also perfect for my camping trip, from Itzy Ritzy. And I believe there’s two pouches in here, two bags in here. That looks very practical.

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It’s with a zipper. It’s water-resistant lining inside. It’s washable, and award-winning. For snacks, fruits, travel, electronics, toiletries and more. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. This is perfect. I’m gonna give this to my daughter for her snacks today, for our camping trip.

Let’s see if we have a card for this. Snack Happens, minis, they’re priced at $9.99, two-pack. Perfect.

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Next, something yummy. You’re Mocha Me Cocoa, True Woman plant-fueled protein powder. Also perfect for my camping trip, because it comes in this one-portion pouch. So I hope this tastes as yummy as it looks.

There’s some mocha brownies, looks like, on top here, and it has 90 calories, 1 grams of total sugars. Perfect. 15 grams of protein. It’s simply made with pea protein, cocoa powder, flax seed, and it’s mocha-flavored. No sugar alcohols, no gluten, no dairy, no soy. Perfect, yum.

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Next up, we have Little Nut Peanut Banana Nut Butter Blend by Edesia, for children of six months and older. This is a little trial pack, Little Nut. And it’s actually delicious as well. It comes with a 25% off promo code for Amazon. Perfect. Also perfect for my camping trip. Amazing.

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Next, we have a Siliskin Silicone Bowl & Lid. Cute design, cute colors. It’s slightly heavy, but that’s a good thing for babies. That way, they can’t tip it over that easily.

It says it’s a plate and dishwasher safe bowl. Microwave safe, and it can be used as storage. Press center of lid for airtight fit. Stays fresh, oh, there’s a stainless steel ring holds shape. What is that? Interesting. Hope you guys can see the sides. Perfect for baby food. Yeah, that’s Silibowl by GoSili, and it’s priced at $11.95.

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Next up we have a raw lip balm by Rose, I’m sorry, it is by, I’m not sure who. Oh, it’s the company’s called Raw Lip Balm, and it’s a Rose and Mint Lip Balm. This way. Okay, that’s, comes always handy. Also perfect for camping trips, ’cause I always forget to buy new ChapSticks, so this is perfect, and it’s priced at $5.

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Ayr Skin Care, healthy skin, beautiful you. Something for Mom. Very important. Ayr Skin Care. It’s a, let me see if I can get this sharp for you guys. There you go. Ayr Skin Care, a virgin marula oil for face and hair.

That’s a perfect combination, also, for traveling, because I don’t like to take a lotion, and a hair oil, and a hair conditioner, and I feel like a product like this is all-in-one, and it’s small, and it’s good amount that you can use for more than one purpose, so this is perfect.

It’s a fair-trade, wild harvested virgin marula oil. I hope to smell so good. I love those oils, and there has also been oils in previous Ecocentric Mom boxes, and I love them all, I have to admit. It’s made with pure, Virgin Organic Marula Oil, and some vitamin E, perfect. Directions, apply two to three drops of virgin marula oil to face after cleansing.

Can be used alone, or followed by a day or night cream. It’s also wonderful for hair, especially thick, curly hair. Put a few drops in your hands, rub them together, and lightly smooth fly hair away, and add shine. Perfect.

Baby Products, Parenting, Baby

All right, I think that’s it for today. Let’s see the price for this virgin marula oil by Ayr Skin Care. It’s priced at $42. Wow, that’s quite a bit, but we all know that the virgin or organic oils are pretty pricey, so that seems very realistic. So I’m excited for that one, for sure.

All right, let’s do a quick recap of all the product that we had in June’s Ecocentric Mom box. I had one, two, three, four, five, six products. The first were the snack pouches from Itzy Ritzy. Snack Happens, two mini reusable and washable snack pouches.

Next up, we had the True Woman You’re Mocha Me Cocoa, fuel-plant, I’m sorry, plant-fueled protein powder. I’m reading it backwards. 90 calories, 15 grams of protein.

Then we had something yum for on the go, Little Nut Peanut Banana Nut Butter Blend, with a coupon inside.

Then the Siliskin Silicon Bowl & Lid. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe. And the product that I am most excited about today, Ayr Skin Care Virgin Marula Oil.

And last up today, kinda mixed it up, the order, Raw Lip Balm, in mint and rose, rose and mint, with rosehips and oil. Perfect.

Wow, another great selection of products. I have to say, I’ve been really happy with my products in the last couple of months. I’m excited for July’s Ecocentric Mom box. If you guys are curious to see what’s inside that one, please make sure to come back. If you have any questions, please let us know on Facebook, on social media, on Instagram. Otherwise, I will see you back next month with July’s Ecocentric Mom box. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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