Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box – July Review and Unboxing

Hi ladies, it’s me Jana with BABYCAREMAG.COM and BABYPREPPING.COM. And today I’m here to dig into July’s Ecocentric Mom Box with you guys. Ecocentric Mom Box is a monthly subscription box filled with lots and lots of natural and organic goodies for moms and babies and we love it. We have said it plenty of times before but seriously it has such a good mix of products in different categories, so I’m super excited to see what’s inside this month’s box. So let’s get right to it.

First up our little envelope with descriptions of some of the products and prices which have been very helpful in the past to get a good value of the box. So, there’s two cards in there today and I’ll get to those whenever we get the products.

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A reusable swim diaper from iPlay. It’s a reusable absorbent swimsuit diaper in a super cute design with snaps on one side. It feels very sturdy and soft. Good quality.

Let’s see what else it says on the tag. It’s a 24-month size from 25 to 30 pounds, snug fit, stretchy material and comfort seam. It does feel really good I have to say. Wicking liner, absorbent layer, and waterproof layer, triple layer protection and let’s see what it says inside. Obviously washable. It’s UPF 50+ which is perfect and 100% polyester. So that’s our first product for today, awesome. Perfect for summertime.

Baby Products, Baby, Parenting

Next up we have a natural air freshener, purple frog. Peppermint and eucalyptus. It’s 100% plant-based essential oils made with 100% plant-based essential oils.

Oh, okay, so, oh, I think you have to open this. Let’s see what this says. Squeeze the pod till you feel it pop. Stick anywhere for an eight-hour boost. Okay, so I guess I have to open the and then there’s gonna be a pod inside of there. So that is an interesting product and I’ll have to figure out where I wanna use it because only one in here but it says it’s 96 hours of plant therapy essential oils, squeeze and stick. I love that.

Baby Products, Baby, Parenting

Next up we have some yumminess by Laiki, black rice crackers with rice, oil, salt, and nothing else. 100 calorie snack pack. Okay, that is made with wholegrain black rice, sustainably sourced palm fruit oil and sea salt. Looks pretty interesting. If it tastes delicious it’s gonna be a big hit.

Baby Products, Baby, Parenting

Next up we have some Bubble Podz by Trukid in Yumberry scent. I guess that it’s a bath, bath soap, let’s see. Yep, it’s for a bubble bath, perfect, and gluten-free, tear-free, best natural bubble bath ever and there are eight podz in here, so that’s awesome, eight podz.

Proudly made in the U.S.A. Free of, no chemicals or icky stuff, so no chemicals, icky stuff, pediatrician tested, perfect. I think I can smell it a little bit and it smells pretty kids approvable, so, I’m sure this is gonna be fun and a hit in my house.

Baby Products, Baby, Parenting

The last product coming up by Delizioso with a 30% off coupon Delizioso Skincare. Delizioso Skincare Under Eye Gel, Watermelon & CoQ10 Anti-Aging. Under Eye Gel. That looks very interesting, it’s 100% natural with organics, vegan.

And we have a description card here, something for Mama. This is worth $31.19 and it’s an all natural facial serum formulated with emollient oils and fortified with antioxidants that leaves skin looking more dewy and supple after application making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Prefect for me. I feel like it’s my birthday all over again.

Baby Products, Baby, Parenting

Alright, there’s out last product for today. Let’s do a quick recap. First up we had a swim diaper by iPlay. Very cute design with snaps on the side. Perfect for summer. Obviously perfect design for boys but can definitely be used for girls as well.

Next up we had the purple frog air freshener pod which is not visible from the package but I’ll let you guys know if I like it later on. Here we have a Something Practical description card with it, this is worth $8.00, perfect. Oh, and I’m sorry I just noticed, it says 12 pack so there’s 12 pods in here, I don’t see it anywhere, oh here, perfect, so that’s awesome.

Next up we had the goodie by Laiki, I believe that’s how it’s pronounced, black rice crackers, 100 calories pack. Perfect for on the go.

Next up, something for bath time for the little ones, Bubble Podz. There’s eight in here in Yumberry scent, I can smell it already and it’s smelling pretty good, all natural, perfect.

And then my, I wanna say late birthday present because I’m super excited about it, Delizioso Skin Care Under Eye Gel. This is worth, let me see if I can get this in properly, there you go, worth about $30.00. It’s 100% natural and organic, with organics and vegan.

So this is amazing. I’m super excited about this. And then obviously also about the swim diaper which is worth quite a few dollars and then the snack.

So, that was it. That was July’s Ecocentric Mom Box. If you have any questions or comments please let us know and I will see you next month with the next Ecocentric Mom Box. Thank you guys, bye.

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