Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box – July Review and Unboxing Part 2

Hi ladies and gentlemen, it’s me again Jana with and and I’m back with the latest Ecocentric Mom Box. This is the Ecocentric Mom Box from July. As you can see on our website and our social media, Ecocentric Mom Box is our favorite subscription box. We’ve been receiving and sharing with you guys this subscription box for the last about 12 months, I want to say, and it’s really grown on us. We like it more and more.

The product selection has become much better, I would say, over the past year. And yeah, so we’re gonna dig into this one, see what’s in there this month and give you the prices as well as the total value of the box. And please make sure if you order it, get 30% off your first box with our discount code. So let’s get right to it.

All right, so this month new, Welcome to your July Box. So this month new, they have a link that will give you more information about their products, ingredients, and prices of the products inside the box, which in the past few months they have been sending us those cute little cards in an envelope, but it was not always, all of the products were not always listed, so that was a slight issue, so I think they’re trying to solve this with this little link and card and I find this much eco-friendlier than what they were trying to do before, so this is great.

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All right, first up, a mask for mom, MaskerAide, a beauty restore facial mask. That’s always fun. We need those every now and then. It’s a hydrating facial sheet mask from MaskerAide, so no parabens added, sulfate free, mineral oil free, artificial fragrance free and so on. So that’s a fun product. I have not seen this in the stores before, so I’m excited to try this out.

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Next up, we have a little shopping bag by Blu Bag. There the new trend, I want to say, little shopping bags. They come in these little bags, I have seen those before, not the exact same design. I like this with the hook because you can literally hook it onto your purse. You don’t necessarily have to have it inside the purse and take room away, so.

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This is what’s inside. Oh, that’s a pretty big tote. So that’s perfect and it really comes in such a small, little pouch that you won’t be able to tell that you have this on you, but you can definitely fill this bag with a bunch of groceries or books or items, so I’m a big fan of those. And the design is pretty cute. It has little Vespas on them, and the color, green color is really cute, so that’s fun. There’s a hook on here. Maybe that comes in handy when you place it somewhere, wanna hang it somewhere, so that’s fun.

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Next up, we have a very popular item in my household, Boom Chicka Pop, popcorn by Angie’s. And it’s sweet and salted kettle corn, 140 calories per bag. We know this one so that I’m very excited that this is in here because this is gonna be gone within a day or two, so amazing.

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Next up, we have a sunset oil by Eir. I’ve never heard of this brand before. Let’s see what this is. An arnica and aloe infused body oil, contains soothing essential oils and vitamins to heal parched skin damaged by the sun, salt, and wind. For everyday use or apply post-sun exposure to keep skin extra-moisturized, an essential oil for beach bums. Oh, this smells really good. Jojoba and aloe. Cool.

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Next up, we have a baby shampoo and wash by Marama Natural Baby. That looks very clean and organic. It’s clear. The label is very bright, I like that. Eight fluid ounces, it’s a gentle chamomile and lavender scented wash for baby’s sensitive skin. Sulfates free, paraben free, vegan, cruelty free. This is definitely gonna get used up quickly in my bathroom especially because I love lavender as well as for my little one and for myself, so that’s perfect.

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Next up, I think that’s going to be our last product, yep. We have a sprout ware plate, three packs. So three sprout ware plates by Green Sprouts. I believe they’re only blue, made from plant based material. Oh there are three colors in here, blue, yellow, and green. That’s always fun to have different colors.

Let me see, I can take this off so I can read a little more about it. It’s plant-based, reusable, and easy to go. That’s for sure, you can take those with you as well to restaurants and when you travel. It’s PVC free, BPA free, and made with food safe dyes. So that’s fun for the little ones and great for moms, too, to take with you, perfect.

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So that was our last product. Let’s do a quick recap. We had one, two, three, four, five, six products in the box this month, in the July box.

First it was the MaskerAide, the facial sheet mask, which I’m going to use tonight.

Then, I would say probably my favorite, this box. This reusable tote that comes in this tiny, little pouch with the hook, so it’s a Blu Bag by Rockflower Paper. I’m sorry I thought it was, Blu Bag was the brand, but it’s actually Blu Bag by Rockflower Paper, so you guys, you can look, there you go. So, yeah, and it talks about problems with single use bags on here and I wanna say that I believe that’s a huge problem and it says on here that average American uses 300 plastic bags per year and this is such an easy solution.

You can literally buy five of those and keep one in your car, or two in your cars, you know, try to have one in your purse and always carry them with you and that is such an easy solution and it’s so cute. And it’s so much sturdier than the plastic bags that can eventually rip and break while you carry them. So, I’m a really big fan of those and I’m really happy I got one of those in my Ecocentric Mom Box.

Next we had the Boom Chicka Pop, the sweet and salty popcorn. A big favorite in my house, so this is gonna be gone within the next couple of hours.

Next, we had the sunset oil by Eir. There ya’ go. It smells really good and I’m really excited to use this one after we spend a day at the pool, so perfect.

Then we had the baby shampoo and wash by Marama with chamomile and lavender. This is also, it looks very cute, I can open it to smell it, but I know it’s gonna smell amazing. Yes, it smells beautifully, lavender-y, and that’s definitely right up my alley, so this is also gonna be gone very soon.

And last product was the sprout ware plates by Green Sprouts. It’s a three pack, three different colors, reusable, plant-based, perfect for on the go, perfect for your little one.

That’s it guys. That was July’s Ecocentric Mom Box. We will check out the link. We will let you know what the total value of our box was so you can get an idea of what a great deal you get out of this box. And please let us know if you have any comments or questions, otherwise we’ll be back next month with August’s Ecocentric Mom Box. Thank you, bye.

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