Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box – January Review and Unboxing

Hi, everybody. This is Jana with and, and today, I’m here to show you my new Eco Centric Mom Box. First of all, happy 2018, Happy New Year. I hope you all had a great start into the new year. So let’s get right back to our Eco Centric Mom Box.

Eco Centric Mom Box starts at $26 a month. It is a subscription box, but I believe you can also buy the box one time as a gift or maybe just to try out. They offer different stages from pregnancy through preschool age for moms, and they bring you the best organic and eco friendly products every month.

Like I said, this is my fourth box and so far I do have to say I’m very happy with the product selection. I’ve tried most of the products, and they all surprised me in a positive way. So, I’m very excited to open this one, so let’s dive right in.

There’s a small card in here. It says, “2018 Fresh Start Collection.” In the back it says, “Have a favorite month product in this month’s box? You can leave a review on the product’s page of the website and be entered to win a winter Eco Centric Mom mystery box.” That’s fun, so I will make sure I will do that.

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All right, first product. It’s Z Skin age defying, facelift lotion. 100% organic skin care. Affordable and handcrafted. Let’s see if I can open this. Mmm. Oh, I like this. This a very thick face lotion. It is a facelift lotion, which is exactly what I need. It has a very unique scent.

Now, let’s see the ingredients. There is a lot of ingredients in here. Macatrifala, hibiscus, amalahe, Vitamin A and D, scurula, cream tarter, a lot of different things. The ingredient list is very long. It has a very refreshing kind of tingly feeling. So, I think, I hope this will work as far as face lifting. I really like it. It has a very interesting smell.

Product, Baby, Parenting

This is a Surface Sanitizer from Yorba. 100% natural origin with aloe vera extracts. This is a great idea. I like this. I have seen this brand before. I think the last time I got a baby lotion from Yorba Organics. They guarantee, “All of our products are free of sulfated surfactants, synthetic fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic colorants. They are also pH-adjusted and biodegradable.” This is perfect for on the go, so I don’t like to carry a bunch of wipes with me because they take up so much room. And this is perfect because you can use this with any paper towel.

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Next, we have two very similar looking containers. They are from a brand called Loba Mane. One is a style cream with coconut, buriti, and tucuma. It is a color-lock and frizz control styling cream. That’s interesting. And then the other one is a transformative mask that I am very curious about. It says also color-lock and intense repair. Let’s see if I can smell this. Mmm, this smells really good. Very salon-like smell.

It says, “How to use with your hair? Clean and wet, apply the mask massaging from roots to ends. Leave it on for five minutes and rinse.” Those are my favorite masks that you don’t have to leave on for too long because I don’t have a lot of time to do that. So, I’m trying to see if you guys can read this. There you go.

So, if this one smelled real good, I’m assuming this smells the same because it has the same ingredient. Yes, and this is the styling cream. Oh, that’s very interesting. The styling cream looks like it has almost the same texture as the mask, so that’s fun. That sounds very good. I’m excited to use these two.

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Next, we have some snacks from Saffron Road, which is one of my favorite brands. It’s crunchy chickpeas with sea salt. I’ve never tried this one. I like their frozen meals, honestly. It’s made with organic chickpeas. 74% less fat than I’m not sure what. I can’t find information. No artificial colors and flavors. It’s vegan. I have a feeling this is gonna taste really good.

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And there is another snack from Saffron Road. Chickbean crisps, also with sea salt. They look very tempting. I think on here they are serving them with humus, which is a great idea. I always look for chips that I can serve with more humus and then also guacamole because I’m addicted to it.

So, here we have protein rich, milked chickpeas. Nutrition packed lentils, sweet potatoes, and fiber filled green and yellow peas. I have a feeling this is gonna be very delicious as well. So 2018 is starting in a really good way for me. With the snacks comes a coupon. $1 off any snack product. Expires December 31st, 2018.

Product, Baby, Parenting

Product, Baby, Parenting

And then the last product for today. Oh, another Yorba Organics. Baby Body Butter, 100% natural origin. Wild harvested Kalahari melon. Sounds very interesting. I honestly have to say that I’ve been using baby lotions, and they’re not my favorite. I’d rather like these kind of thick creams, butters. And so I believe I will like this very much. I will try this on my little daughter tonight, and I’ll see the smell as well.

Product, Baby, Parenting

Okay, those were all the products from my January Eco Centric Mom Box. Let’s do a quick recap. First one off, we had the facelift lotion from Z Skin. Smells very interesting. I’m very excited to try this one. Then, we had two products from Yorba Organics. One, we had the Surface Sanitizer. And then, two, we had the Baby Body Butter. I’m sure both of the products won’t disappoint me.

Then, we had something from my main, Loba Mane. A styling cream and then a transformative mask. So very interesting products. And then, yummy yummy, two snacks from Saffron Road with a coupon. The chickbean crisps and the crunchy chickpeas with sea salt and $1 off any of their snack products.

Great selection. I am very happy with my January Eco Centric Mom Box. I’m excited to try these. Please, if you have any questions or comments, let’s us know. We’re always looking out for your feedback. And other than that, I’ll see you next month with the February subscription box from Eco Centric Mom. Thank you. Bye.

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