“Urgent Action” Called After Fatal Bedside Accident

Coroner calls for “urgent action” after newborn baby suffocated to death

If you have or plan to purchase a cot of a similar design to this, be sure to check it doesn’t have a ‘safety ridge’ or lip of around 3 inches, that your baby could reach her head over and not have the strength to pull it back.

Dangerous Cot
Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

A coroner in the UK has gravely warned of the dangers of bedside style cots, after a 7 week old baby choked to death earlier this year. Grace Joy Roseman was sleeping in a Bednest cot when she managed to lift her head up and over the 2.7″ safety ridge, which sadly cut off the oxygen to her brain by the pressure placed on her windpipe. The cot is designed to be placed next to her parent’s bed with a folding panel to allow the parent to tend to her baby without leaving the bed.

Dangerous Cot
Source: www.essentialbaby.com.au

The tragedy happened when her mother placed her down for a nap at about 8:30am back in April, and returned an hour and a half later to find her head over the edge of the cot, unresponsive.

“Investigations into Grace’s death are continuing, but in a provisional statement the cause has been listed as asphyxia resulting from the ‘safety ridge’ cutting off the oxygen supply from her windpipe.” // www.essentialbaby.com.au

The cot, endorsed by the UK’s National Children’s Trust, raises concerns of similarly designed cots. In the report on her death, the coroner wrote that…

“If the cot’s side is not safe to be incompletely lowered or for the cot to be tilted more than 5cm then it should be questioned as to whether these should be options available at all.” // Penelope Schofield

From my research, it seems that Bednest had sent out kits to people who have purchased the product in question, to minimise the risk, but sadly had the cot been used to the manufacturer’s instructions, this tragedy may have been averted. That is, to never leave your baby unsupervised with the side half way down.

A spokesperson for Bednest said: “We are doubly upset to hear this news, since the concept behind Bednest’s design is first and foremost about baby health and safety and came originally from highly experienced neo-natal nurses.”

It seems that the problem in this case, was that the safety and instructional manuals are not being passed on in after market second hand sales, to which Bednest are now considering placing basic instruction on the side of the crib itself. These will include never leaving the baby unattended with the sides not fully up and secured.




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