The Coolest Toddler Scooter on the Block

At 10-months-old, very soon after she learned to walk, my little one got on a scooter and rode away.

After watching the older kids ride, she figured she was a pro. She just grabbed the handlebars, put one foot on the scooter, pushed off with the other foot, and off she went.

No falling. No wobbling.

She’s continued her practice by borrowing other kids’ scooters when and if they’re around.

At fifteen months, we finally bought her her very own toddler scooter – a Micro Mini2Go Deluxe.

BabyCareMag - Mini2go-1

She walks her scooter around the house. She rides it through the parking lot to the car when we have to go out. She picks it up to turn around and she often tries to pick it up to go up and down stairs (Ack! Danger!).

She loves it. Hubby and I love it. Here’s why:

#1 – Three Wheels

We needed a toddler scooter, which meant a three-wheeler. Not a two-wheeler. Obviously. She’s wobbly enough on her feet. Imagine trying to get her on a two-wheeled scooter!

#2 – Rubber, Non-Marking Wheels

We wanted durable, rubber-like wheels, not the hard, plastic, scratch-up-the-floor ones. This one has polyurethane wheels so she can roll around indoors and out.

#3 – Convertible

BabyCareMag - Mini2go-5

This thing will grow with her. It starts out as a ride-on scooter and converts to a stand-up scooter with an adjustable T-bar. She currently uses it as a stand-up scooter with the T-bar at its lowest setting. Still, converting it to a ride-on is super easy.

#4 – Lean-To Steering

The wheels don’t “turn” by turning the bar (like a bicycle would), which is great. If they did, one small tug on the bar and the front wheels would take a sharp turn and off into the dirt she’d go.

Instead, she just holds the bar and leans in the direction she wants to go. She basically steers with her body weight, which gives her a stronger sense of being “one” with the scooter rather than her hands having to do one thing (turn the bar) while her body does another (remain straight).

#5 – Push Option

BabyCareMag - Mini2go-3

You can also by a bar that attaches to the back of the scooter. It turns this thing into a ride-on, push scooter for your little, little one. Great for going uphill!

#6 – The Ride-On Drawer

BabyCareMag - Mini2go-2

The ride-on option is so fun. She’s basically sitting on a drawer! She can tuck her favorite toys or snacks in the bottom and off she goes. As I said, right now she uses it as a stand-up scooter. She leaves the entire ride-on piece at home, puts stuff in the drawer, and then sits on it and pretends to be riding a motorcycle (like her Daddy does-eek!).

There you have it – my toddler scooter rundown. Hubby and I did a lot of research before picking this one up. We also took Baby to the store to try it out before buying it. The three of us love it!

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Happy scootering!

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