The Best Infant Car Seat Covers

If you have a new baby, whether you live in Florida or Alaska, there comes a time when you‘ll need an infant car seat cover.

Infant car seat covers are great for protecting Baby from harsh weather, extra bright light, and outdoor situations (like smog-filled areas or people sticking their fingers in Baby’s face when she’s trying to fall asleep!).

There are so many car seat covers to choose from. We’re here to help you find the best infant car seat covers for your little one. Whether it’s summer or winter, or you have a boy or a girl, we’ll help you find the perfect one for you.

Best Winter Carrier Covers

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If you live in an area with extreme weather, car seat covers are especially important in cold temperatures.

Infant car seat covers for winter

Stretchy Baby Car Seat Covers




  • The infant car seat cover can also be used as a nursing cover.
  • Most winter infant seat covers only work with the handle down, but this car seat cover makes it easy to carry the baby car seat around.
  • The opening is big enough to easily get the baby in and out of the seat without taking the cover off.
  • The insect netting doesn’t fit properly in its pouch.
  • Snaps and buttons easily fall off.
  • Cannot be worn as an infinity scarf like they advertise.

This stylish infant car seat cover fits your baby’s car seat in seconds and is easy to use. It offers full protection from the wind, light rain, germs, bright lights, and snow. And it creates a snuggly, ultra-soft, quiet environment for your baby.

The adjustable opening at top with two zippers makes it easy for Mom to take a peep at the baby and remove the baby without taking the car seat cover off. The zippers are adjustable to modify light ventilation, visibility, and temperature.

The stretch fabric and four snaps attached make a secure fit on most infant car seats and keep the cover in place in all weathers. The infant car seat cover folds easily into a compact square which fits perfectly into the head flap pouch that’s included.

All in all a perfect cover for your baby to nap when out.


Cozy Cover - Infant Car Seat Cover (Pink Quilt)




  • The shower cap design is more secure and seems to do a better job keeping cold air out as opposed to car seat canopies that drape over the car seat.
  • It has Velcro to keep the face flap in place.
  • It’s warm, easy to use, and washes great.
  • The opening is too high to see an infant’s face.
  • If you do not use a car seat base and need to put a seat belt through it, it can become a hassle.
  • The zippers curve inwards and might poke the baby’s eyes.

The dual zippers on this cozy car seat cover make it easy to access the baby and the child safety straps. The inner fabric is a warm and soft fleece to keep the baby warm while the fabric on the outside protects the baby from all kinds of weather.

The lovely, pink pattern makes this one of the cutest infant car seat covers for girls (of course, boys can like pink, too!) and it fits around infant carriers like a shower cap. Because of the backless design, it doesn’t interfere with the child safety straps on the car seat so it complies with the recommendation by car seat specialists everywhere.

It completely replaces any need for blankets and quilts.


BabyCareMag - JJ Cole BundleMe




  • It’s wind and water resistant.
  • Excellent for very, very cold winters.
  • The top is removable for easy temperature regulation.
  • It can be very warm so you’ll need a second one for the summer.
  • It can be very warm so you’ll need a second one for the summer.

This car seat covers name gives away its super power. The main purpose of this car seat cover is to keep your baby bundled up and warm in winter time. It’s 100% polyester, through and through. It’s wind and water resistant and it’s suitable for car seats, strollers, and joggers.

If you’re devoted to fitness, you can take your baby jogging with you and they’ll stay nice and warm in winter. It’s even crash tested, so you know it’ll add another element of safety on car rides, along with your car seat.

The blueberry color is a perfect, rich blue if you’re looking for infant car seat covers for boys (and, yes, girls can like blue, too!). It also comes in a bright “Sassy” pink and various unisex colors.


Other popular infant car seat covers for cold weather

Jolly Jumper Arctic Sneak-A-Peek Infant CarSeat Cover


The “Arctic” Sneek a Peek keeps the baby cozy and warm with the unique feature of an attached blanket. It‘s elasticized for quick and easy installation, and the dual zippers make easy access to the baby.

It’s waterproof, machine washable, and fits most infant car seats and carriers.


Bonafide Baby Car Seat Cover


Made out of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, this cover protects your baby from sunlight, insects, weather, and germs. The soft, plush backside also works great as a blanket.

It fits all car seats that have adjustable Velcro latches. It also includes a free stroller hook to hold purses, diaper bags, etc.

Best Summer Carrier Covers

Infant car seat covers for summer

Stretchy 4-in-1 Carseat Canopy




  • The cover is thin enough to allow air to pass through.
  • It crumples up really small and never wrinkles.
  • The fabric is not see-through.
  • The fabric is too thin to block sunlight.
  • Holes form quickly because of the fabric is so thin.
  • The material is so thin that it might not hold up for very long.

This modern, Multi-Use Car Seat Canopy from Kids N‘ Such can be used to cover the car seat, shopping carts, and high chairs and it can be used as a nursing cover or infinity scarf. The soft, stylish fabric is perfect to prevent germs, strangers, wind, or warm weather from disturbing your baby’s naps.

It works perfect for air travel to give your baby a little safe space and security while on the plane. It’s made from a high-quality rayon blend fabric which stretches easily around your infant car seat.

If you’re looking for infant car seat covers for boys or girls, the grey arrow print is the perfect unisex color.

Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry & Cover Infant Car Seat Cover




  • Easy to put your baby in and out of the car seat without having to remove the cover.
  • The arm cushion is very soft and comfortable.
  • Does not create an overheating situation for the baby.
  • The storage pocket on the arm cushion is tiny.
  • It’s a bit confusing which side is the front and which is the back.
  • It’s secured in place by Velcro which makes it difficult to open without waking a sleeping baby. Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry & Cover gives excellent protection to your baby and cushions your arm while carrying the car seat around. The car seat cover slips snugly over the carrier and protects your baby from germs, insects and weather.

The foam backed padding in the arm cushion provides a non-slip grip on the handle and the pocket on the front of it easily stores the cover when not in use. The Summer Infant 2-in-1 is a one piece design, pretty water resistant, and makes it easy to peek at your baby.

Barnaby Belle 'Night' Baby Car Seat Covers




  • Very good quality and pretty to look at.
  • Can be used on your pram, as a nursing cover, as a burp cloth, or a blanket.
  • The Velcro makes it easy to put on.
  • The straps on top should be further apart.
  • Shrinks after wash.
  • Since the fabric is thin holes form quickly.

This stylish, star-filled Barnaby Belle baby car seat cover protects your baby from germs, insects, sunlight, and the prying eyes of strangers. The easy-to-use Velcro straps allow full access to the car seat handle and make it easy to access your baby.

The fabric is light, breathable, and made of 100% muslin cotton to create a safe, cool canopy for your infant. The Barnaby Belle cover is designed for all infant car seat makes and models.

The star print is another lovely unisex print for infant car seat covers for girls or boys.

Other popular infant car seat covers for summer and air travel

Britax B-Covered All-Weather Car Seat Cover


The Britax B-covered All-Weather car seat cover blocks up til 98% of UV rays and provides shelter for your baby against sun, rain, wind, and insects. Although it is a custom fit for Britax Infant car seats, the cover fits most other major infant car seats brands.

Works great with existing car seat cover.


Original milk snob


The Milk Snob cover is the original modern and functional car seat cover that does it all. It can be used as an infant car seat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, or baby blanket.

The fabric is a four-way stretch which allows for a custom fit on any infant car seat.


BabyCareMag - Muslin Car Seat Cover light, multi-functional cover is the Pretty Baby Muslin Car Seat Cover and Canopy.

This car seat cover is 100% Muslin cotton and has a pattern of little lions on it. Perfect infant car seat cover for boys! Like the Milk Snob Infant Car Seat Cover, you can use it as a nursing cover as well as a stroller cover and shopping cart cover. And like any good car seat cover, it protects your baby from the summer heat, winter chill, and more.

There are straps with snaps on them so you can snap them onto the handle of your car seat. It’s a great way to protect your baby from strong winds or overly-friendly strangers while Baby sleep. And the best kind of car seat cover is one that can do it all. This one fits the bill, for sure.

As we said in the beginning, there comes a time where you’ll need one, and we hope that we’ve shown you the cutest and best infant car seat covers for girls.

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