The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cloth Diapers

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One of the ways you care for your Baby is choosing the right diaper. Whether you have been using cloth diapers since you brought your little one home, or you are making the transition months into your baby’s life, you need this ultimate guide to the best cloth amazon best seller

Below, we detail all of the relevant information about the best of cloth diapers:

selections, information about each brand, features and highlights of a few top diapers, advantages, and disadvantages of various products and brands.

If you are still on the fence about whether or not to choose cloth diapers, read 4 Reasons You Should Use Cloth Diapers and then hope back over to use this guide. Needing a refresher on the right and the difficult of cloth diapers? Our Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers article has a great list of pros and cons.

Best Cloth Diapers

Reviews of Best Cloth Diapers

Google “best cloth diapers” and 2,780,000 results will pop into your browser in less than a second. If that does not overwhelm you, I don’t know what will!

There is a multitude of cloth diaper brands. Below you will find a mini-review of the top brands of cloth diapers.

apple cheekscloth diapers

This brand of diaper is Canadian and comes in two different sizes (size one is for your newborn, 7-20 pounds, while size 2 is for your toddler,18-40 lbs).

“AppleCheeks are one of my favorite diapers for going out or for nap time. I can’t remember ever having a leak. I like that the cut is on the generous side which provides more coverage, but it’s still fairly trim-fitting.” // Olivia at

The elastic used in the rim works extremely well for even the soupiest of blowouts and also adds a cute look. The fabric used to make this diaper is very soft and comfortable on Baby’s skin.

The main and only downfall to this particular diaper is the envelope/pocket opening placed in the middle of the diaper. Whether you put an insert on the top of the diaper or stuff the envelope/pocket, the opening is directly where the mess is at.

bum genius cloth diapers

This brand updates their diaper every few years and their most recent version is 5.0. Also a pocket diaper, bumGenius 5.0 has two microfiber inserts that come along with it.

Unlike the Applecheeks where you buy two different sizes, bumGenius is for 7-35 pounds and will grow with your baby until he or she is hopefully potty trained!

The image above is a picture of bumGenius diapers at their smallest and largest, using the 3×3 rise snaps, giving you a visual of the diaper growing with your little one. The elastic used in this diaper is made specifically for cloth diapers so you can count on it working and trust that it will not break down as easy as others.

The butterfly-like tabs used to close this diaper create a nicely fitting diaper. Our main complaint is with the inserts that come with it; microfiber is not our favorite fabric for inserts because it is man-made as opposed to bamboo or hemp inserts which are natural and comfortable on your baby’s bottom.

These diapers are known to be affordable, but not cheaply made. They do an excellent job of preventing blowouts! The Kawaii brand offers an array of diapers within their brand:

Kawii best cloth diapers

The closures vary with snap or velcro, whatever your preference is you’ll find it! Kawaii diapers have over a 60% approval rating on Amazon and are greatly loved, especially for their price.

The main downfall is that they are not made for longevity. Plan on using them for two years or less. Other, more durable, brands can be utilized for multiple babies and many more years.

Kissaluvs best cloth diapers

This brand is available in various fabrics, which is unique and fantastic. You can purchase them in fleece, hemp, or cotton, depending on what best suits your baby’s needs.

This brand also offers a one-size-fits-all adjustable diaper OR as-you-grow, newborn/medium/large sizes which are fitted.  Their newborn diapers are a phenomenal choice when looking for a cloth diaper that will not damage or hurt the umbilical cord area.

After doing some research, we found this review (from to be most helpful for the disadvantages of Kissaluvs:

  • The hybrid contour and fitted diapers do not come with a waterproof cover and the material doesn’t really work well with , you’ll need to use these inside a diaper cover from another system.
  • The fitted version 2.0 diapers have a microfiber soaker.  While microfiber is good at soaking up pee, it’s difficult to wash and dry.  You might have problems with buildup and smells if you don’t wash them the right way.
  • Comes in 2 sizes.  Newborn and M/L.  The M/L size is enormous!  It will look ridiculous on a baby smaller than 20 lbs.

Osocozy best cloth diapers

This brand offers you an array of options when looking at their cloth diapers. They have all in ones, fitted, pre-folds, flats. And organic.

They are made “of sustainable and renewable 100% cotton as opposed to the synthetic oil-based fibers found in many products.” ( Overall, these diapers are loved by their users.

One of the main complaints is that the smallest diaper is too big and bulky, but the customers agreed overall that first 6 months flies by and is worth it.

Alva best cloth diapers

You can find this Chinese-made diaper with snaps, velcro, or apex, each is one-size fits all equipped with snaps at the waist and for the rise.

These diapers are all pocket diapers with various options for the inserts: bamboo, microfiber, or a blend of the two. Bamboo is known for great absorbency and is also a natural material, so we recommend either the bamboo or the bamboo/microfiber blend.

Because they are on the “cheaper” side of the spectrum, there is warning that they will fade and wear thin over time, but we have known many parents who recycle and reuse these as well as use them second hand.


Charlie banana best cloth diapers

There are sized and one-size pocket diaper options. This pocket stuffs from the front, whereas most pocket diaper openings are in the back.

Some find this more difficult, but we like that your hand avoids contact with the big back blowouts! These diapers come with two inserts per diaper: a long and short insert.

baby laughing wearing Charlie banana cloth diaper

The main complaints to watch out for: they’re known to leak a bit easier than other brands so be sure you are changing them frequently. The fleece may be too hot and sweaty for warmer climates. Also, you need to wash them very well (pre-wash, wash, double rinse) or they tend to grow funky in smell. These diapers are super cute, though!

sunbaby best cloth diapers

These are a budget-friendly cloth diaper. From their website: “Our pocket style diapers are budget not only friendly but also easy to use. Great looking and one of the best on the market!

If you have always wanted to cloth diaper, but didn’t want to invest hundreds of dollars, you don’t have to wait any longer. With our one size diapers, you can see cloth diaper from birth to potty training for as little as $60.” (

The highlights to these diapers are the “low price, trim fit, good fit, low rise, bottom row snap has the flat snap facing in and the raised row facing out for increased comfort.

The fit and rise actually make it an excellent candidate to wear under jeans.” ( The low points are that they aren’t as absorbent or durable as other available diapers.


Fuzzibunz best cloth diapers

“As the largest cloth diaper brand on the market, FuzziBunz has a lot of unique features that sets it apart from the other brands of washable diapers.

There are two different styles of diapers in their product line. The   adjusts with snaps to fit any size baby and theFuzziBunz perfect size cloth diaper which comes in XS-L sizes.

The ideal size fits newborns weighing as little as 4 pounds up to toddlers weighing 40 pounds.” (

Two microfiber liners come with each diaper when you buy new. One of the main complaints is the size of the pocket for these diapers; you cannot switch out the liners with a non-FuzziBunz liner because the pocket is abnormally skinny.

Best Cloth Diaper Style Review

There are five major styles of cloth diapers. Here is a brief overview of each of them:

Fitted cloth diapers

Fitted cloth diapers

Fastened by snaps, hook, or loop closures, fitted diapers are layers thick of material made to absorb all of the fluids leaving your baby’s bottom half!

They do not come with a waterproof outer layer, making it necessary to buy and use one. These diapers are hourglass shaped, not waterproof, more expensive than pre-folds, and are extremely absorbent.

Pre-fold cloth diapers

These are economically pleasing, but not as easy as the others. They begin as long rectangular pieces of fabric, ready for you to shape them and fasten them onto Baby. And needing some sort of waterproof cover.

These diapers have a lot of extra material, and you’ll need to purchase fasteners as well as covers in addition to the fabric. They are very inexpensive.

Pocket cloth diapers

“A pocket diaper is made up of a waterproof cover that has a “stay dry” polyester lining that acts as a pocket between the lining and the cover. This allows you to insert an absorbent pad or pre-fold into the pocket,” (

One of the main complaints of this style is their extra fabric and bulkiness. You won’t have to purchase fasteners or waterproof covers, however, which is a plus.

All-in-one cloth diapers

All-in-one cloth diapers

These are incredibly simple cloth diapers. You stick the diaper on, fasten it, take it off when it is soiled, and toss it into the laundry.

They are one wear-then-wash. There are no removing inserts from pockets. It is essentially a disposable diaper made of cloth that is reusable.

The downfall is that you can only use them once before needing to be washed and because they are so thick (made of layers of absorbent material), they may require an extra dry cycle. All in all, these diapers are very simple and widely used.

Hybrid or all-in-two cloth diapers

These “diapers consist of a shell (or diaper cover) into which you insert a variety of absorbency layers.” (

This style of diaper is often assumed to be difficult, but in no time can be mastered. Basically, it is made up of a shell with absorbent inserts. You can often reuse the outer layer shell between washes if the insert absorbed everything.

Other Important Info

Organic cotton and natural fiber are the best options when looking for cloth diapers. Some babies have skin that is sensitive to fleece, microfleece, and suede cloth materials (man-made materials).

Sticking to organic cotton will prevent rashes. Note that the organic and natural fibers aren’t always as absorbent.

We know many babies are heavy soakers through the night and often would sleep through, if it weren’t for uncomfortably wet diapers. Some cloth diapering parents choose to use disposables at night for this very reason.

“Reusable cloth swim diapers are more comfortable and contain messes much better than disposables. Cloth swim diapers consist of a waterproof cover and a fragile mesh-type liner on the inside.

They are not intended to be absorbent, rather keep solids from entering the pool or waterway. While it is fine to use a pocket diaper or diaper cover without the inserts, a dedicated swim diaper is suggested.” //

We have found that the best cloth diapers for nighttime actually has a lot to do with the inserts. We recommend using fitted diapers because the entire diaper is absorbent; another option is using hemp or bamboo inserts, doubled up, as they are a lot more absorbent than microfiber.

Did we cover everything? Have you found our complete guide to the best cloth diapers helpful? What did we miss?


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