Best Breast Pump Reviews – A Complete Buyers Guide

When breastfeeding your little one, you want to ensure that you have one of the best breast pumps available.

If you’ve made the decision to feed your baby exclusively breast milk (which we highly recommend), you will need a quality breast pump. Our breast pump reviews are here to help you find one.

top rated breast pump on amazon Some moms return to work away from home and need to pump breast milk during work hours. Others work from home, and yet others do not work in addition to the fantastic job of being a mom.

Regardless of your situation, pumping milk may at some point become necessary – whether you are bottle feeding, preparing for a date night or day away, or simply have excess milk, you’ll need a quality breast pump.

Purchasing a breast pump solely based on price is unwise. You may end up buying a second (better) one after having a poor experience with the first.

Especially if you are pumping a lot! For example, I was exclusively breastfeeding one of my sons and pumping extra milk to give my other son. I needed a great breast pump and was not about to settle for an inferior quality pump.

Neither should you!



There is a multitude of variations and features to breast pumps. At their core, though, they break down into only two categories: hand/manual pumps and electric pumps. Electric pumps break down into two more categories: single or double.

Maybe you didn’t realize how important a hand pump would be when you’re out on the road, camping, or simply at a place where an outlet ‘s hard to utilize. Maybe you thought you only needed an electric breast pump or only needed a hand breast pump. In reality, if you’re pumping regularly having one of each is ideal.

Hand/Manual Breast Pumps

As the name implies, hand (also known as manual) breast pumps are powered by you! Your hand manually works the machine. There is no electricity needed, and these handy tools can be taken anywhere! They are easy to pack up and cart around. Also, hand pumps are much more affordable.

Electric Breast Pumps

As suggested in the name, electric breast pumps use electricity. They are very consistent and thorough in their expressing of milk, as they mimic the nursing baby in a constant suction.

However, they are bulky and often a chore to pack up and haul around. Electric breast pumps make pumping easy, especially if you invest in a pumping bra. Turn on the settings and do your thing!

Some electric pumps are not worth your time and money even if they look affordable. If poorly made, you will find yourself burning through them, not experiencing a good suction, and being discouraged and frustrated with their lack of quality (hopefully not your inability to pump!).

You want a good breast pump, especially if you’re pumping a lot.

In terms of single and double electric breast pumps. A lot of the double breast pumps offer the option to be a single pump.

All in all, double electric pumps are far more efficient in retrieving your milk quickly and as much as possible.


[amazon_textlink text=’Tomy/The First Years Breast Pump‘ asins=’B00R63IEYI’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2b66d8ac-06d2-11e9-a97d-5367c84ba9d1′]

Tomy/The First Years Breast Pump

“This pump is quick, efficient and capable of multitasking—just like you! Extra quiet, compact, and less than two pounds, the Quiet Expressions double electric breast pump lets you double pump easily with just one hand.

With electric plug-in operation and soft Flexi-fitTM breast shields, it features eight suction level settings so you can double pump at your perfect speed.

Also can be battery-operated (uses 4AA batteries not included).  Tote bag holds your pumping or personal essentials for on-the-go.  Consists of two 4-oz GumDrop bottles with slow flow nipples and storage lids.” //

We recommend this pump, but not for exclusively pumping moms.

[amazon_textlink text=’Hygeia Breast Pump’ asins=’B0028MI4M4′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’43b8214e-06d2-11e9-be52-21e7069dbc3a’]

Hygeia Breast Pump

A quality pump, hefty in price, but well worth the investment if you are frequently pumping. This pump is a highly quiet breast pump, and, like a Prius, you will question if it is even on!

Equipped with rechargeable batteries, you can take this electric pump nearly anywhere and adequately express milk.

“The size, the bag, the entire system (being closed and safely mold-free), the fit of the flanges, the options with the controls, the strength of the suction, the quietness of the machine, the multi-user capabilities, the recycling program.” The Leaky Boob

You are able to freely loan this pump to a friend without the worry or risk of spreading mold, disease, or any sort of bacteria.

This is one of the best breast pumps recommended for twins.

“Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump is the only breast pump to receive endorsement from La Leche League International. Known for its hospital grade performance, they Hygeia breast pump has been designed for long term frequent pumping.  It is a double electric breast pump built to perform.

Known for its hospital grade performance, they Hygeia breast pump has been designed for long term frequent pumping.  It is a double electric breast pump built to perform.”

This will be a great pump if you are exclusively pumping. We highly recommend this pump.

[amazon_textlink text=’Philips Avent Breast Pump’ asins=’B075YP3DQG’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5a4068b6-06d2-11e9-a028-453098ac8372′]

Philips Avent Breast Pump“This compact breast pump allows for simultaneous breast pumping to speed up the process. Phillips Avent Comfort Breast Pump is BPA free, has three flow settings, and includes a textured massage cushion to stimulate milk flow.”

Phillips Avent Comfort Breast Pump is BPA free, has three flow settings, and includes a textured massage cushion to stimulate milk flow.” (

Philips Avent pumps aren’t as known for good suctioning quality and have been found to be glitchy. However, their pumps are incredibly easy to use, and the instruction manual is laid out well.

If you are using other Avent products such as storage or sippy cups, this makes it easy as they are compatible with one another.

We recommend this pump, even for exclusively pumping moms.

Playtex Breast Pump

Playtex Breast PumpThis pump is known for its soft, comfortable suction cups. However, the suction strength is not a favorite aspect, and that is one of the most important things when looking for a good pump.

There are plenty of complaints from customers exclaiming they have had to replace pieces and parts to their Playtex Electric pumps. The price is affordable up front, but beware of the ongoing costs you’ll be paying to replace parts.

We do not recommend this brand or pump.

[amazon_textlink text=’Ameda Breast Pump’ asins=’B007SBGO2C’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’76eea205-06d2-11e9-8959-29ef5c6fb974′]

Ameda Breast PumpOne of the more known brands, this pump, is often compared to the Medela as it is similar in features. Milk travels directly from your breast through the flanges to the bottle; it does not go through any tubing or the pump body.

There are simply 3 parts to wash which makes washing easy. This pump’s suction is about half as powerful as the Medela’s but is still comfortable enough to where you are not wincing. You can use AAA batteries (six) if needing to take this pump with you out and about, making it portable.

There is no “warm up” setting like the Medela pump. We recommend this pump if you are frequently pumping, but not exclusively.

[amazon_textlink text=’Tommee Tippee Breast Pump’ asins=’B015YQ7WAU’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8f23fd8c-06d2-11e9-bf3f-25ee7723c994′]

Tommee Tippee Breast PumpThis system is equipped with a 5oz feeding bottle that the milk is pumped into directly, 2 milk storage pods, 6 nursing pads, and 1 microwave sterilizer box.

The Tommee Tippee breast pump is compact and light, and they proudly create a BPA free product.

The reviews are about forty-sixty for poor/recommendable. Too many customers found that the suction was destitute and does not do the job it should.

We do not recommend this pump.

[amazon_textlink text=’Evenflo Breast Pump’ asins=’B00SX4CRZQ’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b28a5603-06d2-11e9-9d30-29d04b1241cb’]

Evenflo Breast Pump

This breast pump comes equipped with a black shoulder bag with 32 settings, 3 assorted flange sizes, cooler bag with ice packs, additional milk storage bottles, and is ready to be either plug-in OR battery powered. It converts from a double to a single pump quickly.

As with a few of the other less-known brands, the suction weakness is the main complaint.

For the price tag, this is a good pump as long as you are not exclusively pumping because your milk supply will dip with the weak suction.

[amazon_textlink text=’Nuk Breast Pump’ asins=’B00GEF7LFC’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d4f5fb70-06d2-11e9-af2e-eb8c983b91a8′]

Nuk Breast Pump

“The NUK® Expressive® Double Electric Breast Pump is a single patient use pump designed for frequent, daily use. The pump is scientifically designed to deliver the same level of performance as the leading pump at a much lower cost.” (

The pump is scientifically designed to deliver the same level of performance as the leading pump at a much lower cost.” (

This breast pump has a one-touch button that remembers your personal settings. This pump unit is very compact and weighs just one pound altogether, is easy to cart around if necessary.

“Out of the box is the pump unit (pretty compact), a cooler bag with ice pack, 4 containers with lids, 2 orthodontic silicone slow flow nipples, 2 bottle hoods, 2 silicone cushions, voltage adapter and 2 breast shields with valves and membranes. Also included is a fairly large tote bag with which to carry everything.”

We do recommend this breast pump.

[amazon_textlink text=’Lansinoh Breast Pump’ asins=’B00HPQT2RO’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f51da464-06d2-11e9-8357-21004464e7e2′]

Lansinoh Breast Pump

“The Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump has a one-of-a-kind three customizable pump setting allows mom more comfort while maximizing milk production.

Lansinoh Affinity Pro was also designed to guarantee that no milk will back up in the tubing.”

You are able to set and control the suction strength, which is ideal. Some moms like the suction to be as strong as possible, ensuring maximum milk output, while others don’t mind taking their time and having a slower, softer suction.

This pump comes pre-assembled and has few parts, which are very easy to put together and wash. They include 2 sizes of flanges for varying sizes of breasts.

This pump comes pre-assembled and has few parts, which are very easy to put together and wash. They include 2 sizes of flanges for varying sizes of breasts.

We highly recommend this pump.

[amazon_textlink text=’Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump (Starter Set)’ asins=’B00B5WSJ6E’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0fde16f5-06d3-11e9-a2e4-17c7e29a586b’]

Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump [Starter Set]

[amazon_textlink text=’With a 4.4 out of 5-star rating’ asins=’B00B5WSJ6E’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bbcaremag-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’2e23e083-06d3-11e9-89e9-9d967e738aea’], you cannot go wrong with this pump. This is the breast pump I personally have (purchased by my insurance!), and it has been incredible!

There is an option for a 2 minute warm up to prepare your nipples for ultimate suctioning as well as encouraging let down. I have been using this pump for six months now, and the power of suction has not decreased even after pumping 30 ounces a day.

I spent 10 minutes pumping a few times a day and was able to produce a large amount of milk, and I cannot help but wonder if part of the equation was this amazing pump.

If you are an adoptive mom and looking for the best breast pump to induce lactation, this is the pump most frequently recommended. I also used it for this particular reason before my biological son was born and had success!

If your milk supply is dipping, this has also been known to be the best breast pump for a low milk supply.

This is one of the best breast pumps recommended for twins.

The only real “complaint” I have is that it came with only one size of flange, while many other pumps come with varying sizes. So I had to purchase more. But that is hardly a complaint.

This is a highly recommended pump!

Other thoughts

You may also find it very beneficial to purchase a bra for breast pumping.

If you are wondering what the best breast pump for large breasts is, you should actually know that you can use any pump; you will simply need to purchase a larger flange size.

It is of utmost importance to be sure you are buying a closed system breast pump if you value every single drop of breast milk, which we are confident you do! A closed system breast pump ensures that your pump’s motor cannot be exposed to your milk. Closed system breast pumps avoid mold and hidden bacteria growth.

There are plenty of websites you can utilize to learn about, purchase, and rent breast pumps. A few are Yummy Mummy, Lucina Care, and Genadyne.


A lot of insurance companies such as BCBS, April, Aetna, Humana, POMCO, and a lot of Medicaid will cover the costs of your breast pump. All you need to do is call the member number on your insurance card and ask! They will often have a few choices of which breast pump you can have them purchase for you.

How in the world will you choose a breast pump?

Ask yourself two necessary questions:

[su_list icon=”icon: question-circle” icon_color=”#18cf00″]

  • How often will I be pumping
  • What is my budget


If you are returning to work and the majority of your baby’s meals will be pumped, then speed and efficiency will be a top priority for you. A great double electric pump with a pumping bra will most likely be what you need. If you are staying home with your little one and not needing to pump too frequently, you can choose a simpler pump. Just remember that a double pump will always retrieve your milk quicker than a single pump.

We hope these breast pump reviews help you find the best breast pump for you!



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