Baby’s First Portrait Using Canvas Champ

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You’ve probably taken thousands of baby pictures by now, but have you considered doing canvas printing on your baby’s first portrait?

It’s easy to do prints now, with all the options for canvas prints online. Recently, Baby Care Mag checked out Canvas Champ to get a portrait canvassed and shipped. We went with the 16″ X 20″ size Canvas Prints.

At first glance, the Canvas Champ website looked easy to follow and offered tons of options. They move you through a sequence, making it a very organized process. You’ll start by uploading an image, and then you’ll choose a size. Afterward, you’ll choose a portrait style, and lastly, select image options.

Canvas Champ has a unique policy that we adore. It says, “Love it, guaranteed. Either you love it, or we make it right.”

This guarantee is a relief because there’s a lot of options to choose from, and making an online photo to canvas purchase is so much more final than digital printing on photo paper.

Canvas, Baby, Portrait, Art
16×20 that just came in

In this review, we’ll take a comprehensive look at Canvas Champ and whether you should use them to print photos on canvas for your baby’s first portrait.

Uploading an Image to Canvas Champ

You’re first asked to upload a picture from your computer of 15 MB or less. You can use images from their gallery, Facebook or Instagram too.

They accept PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF, and PDF files. If you have a larger file, you can upload your image using Hightail. Hightail is a third-party website who will send the picture to Canvas Champ for you.

The image you upload needs to be already rotated, cropped, or resized before uploading to Canvas Champ. You can move the picture within the frame slightly, but you’ll need to do major photo editing in another program beforehand.

They have a great unique feature that tells you if the image you’ve uploaded is poor quality or good. Sometimes clarity can change as you enlarge or change a photo, so it’s great to know the quality of the image before ordering to avoid printing a blurry pic.

Canvas, Baby, Portrait, Art
16×20 side view while hanging on a wall

Choosing an Image Size for Your Baby’s Portrait

First, you’ll select either single layout or three-panel design. Then you’ll choose the size. Here is a breakdown of all the sizes they offer:

  • Recommended: 8” x 8”, 9” x 9”, or 10” x 10”.
  • Square: 12” x 12”, 20” x 20”, 30” x 30”.
  • Panoramic: 10″ x 24″, 12″ x 36″, 16″ x 52″, 18″ x 48″.
  • Large 16″ x 20″, 30″ x 40″, 36″ x 48″, 40″ x 40″.
  • Small 5″ x 7″, 7″ x 5″, 8″ x 8″, 8″ x 10″, 10″ x 12″, 11″ x 14″.

You can also do custom size if none of the above options meet your requirements.

Choosing a Style of Canvas Print

The style will determine what kind of frame or border you’d like. In this section, you’ll select whether you want a wrap/border, a regular frame, or an antique frame. Here is a description of each:

  • Mirror Image Wrap Border. Your image mirrors around the edge of your canvas print.
  • Image Wrap Frame. Your image wraps around the edge of your canvas print.
  • Antique Frames. The image doesn’t wrap around the border, but you can choose any color framing you want.

Afterward, you’ll select the color finishing. You have six color finishings to choose from, and three of them are free. Original, sepia, and grayscale are no charge, while Digital Oil Painting, Warhol (Pop Art), and Caricatures cost between $10 and $50.

Digital Oil Painting has an artistic feel and puts an interesting spin on photos. Warhol gives a colorful, contemporary touch, and Caricatures animate the picture.

One of the best things about Canvas Champ is that you’re given an actual canvas to hang on the wall. You can choose between hooks for hanging (which is free), a sawtooth style hanger, an easel back, an easel stand, or a dust cover back.

16×20 front view while hanging on a wall

Selecting Image Options for Your Picture

Canvas Champ offers minor retouching, with options for red-eye removal, dust scratch removal, date stamp removal, lightening or darkening the image and enhancing the color. Or, you can do significant retouching, where you write your request in a comment box.

You can also get the picture laminated for an extra fee, or keep as-is. Canvas Champ is the go-to online place for printing your baby’s first portrait.

Their website is easy to use, and all the options make it a safe choice for getting what you want. We’re impressed with the features and amazed with the results. We’re giving them two thumbs up, and will be excited to use them again for our son’s next portrait. Now it’s your turn to discuss. Have you done photos on canvas for any of your baby’s pictures, and if so, how did they turn out?[ps2id id=’canvaschamp’ target=”/]

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