Choosing The Right Carrier For Your Baby

When it comes to baby products you want quality over quantity, but still at a great price. After all, your baby will grow out of stages quickly. If you have been wondering what baby carrier to choose, here are some posts to help….

Modern baby carriers come in a wide variety of styles to suit every taste and budget. Choosing which carrier to purchase can be an overwhelming task because there are so many excellent options in a bewildering range of styles, colors, and sizes. ~BabyWearingInternational 

What type of baby carrier do you want? What position is best for baby? What is your lifestyle and what are your needs? These are all questions to ask when seeking a baby carrier. Below are more details on these questions and some resources for you to get you started on your baby carrier search.

Baby Carriers 101

Types & Styles

Today’s carriers are evolved designs, modern-takes on the historic wraps, papo oses, backpacks, and slings used in the past. There are five basic types of carriers: wraps, slings, mei-tais, soft-structured carriers, and frame backpacks. Below is a brief description of these five styles of carriers. ~Keep Reading via BabyGearLab

baby carriers Types & Styles
“The four Award Winners covered most of the different types of carriers available today, minus a sling and a frame backpack. From Left to Right: Onya Baby Outback (soft structured), Tula Ergonomic Baby (soft structured), Infantino Sash Mei Tai (mei tai), and Baby K’tan (wrap).” Credit: Adrian Hogel

You have so many choices now days when it comes to baby carriers…

What To Look For

According to Baby Center, priorities should be:

  • Versatility
  • Comfort for You and Baby
  • Easy To Use
  • Nursing-Friendly
  • Weather Appropriate
  • Easy To Clean

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4 Tips For Choosing A Baby Carrier, PopSugar

4 Tips For Choosing A Baby Carrier, PopSugar


A good baby carrier should mimic the way we hold our babies in arms and the way our babies position themselves when held. When you hold a newborn, he will automatically draw up his legs into the “froggy” position with his knees apart. The holder instinctively places her hand under baby’s bum and holds baby at a height where the top of his head is easily kissed.  An older child will automatically bring his legs up around the holder’s waist so that his knees end up slightly higher than his bum.

Thinking Beyond the Front Pack: Considerations in Choosing a Baby Carrier, BecomingMamas

Learn How to Keep Your Baby Close and Hands-Free With This Video 

What’s your favorite way to carry or “wear” baby?


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