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Hi everyone, this is Marina with I’m so excited to introduce a new product from Baby Bros and Co. It’s a baby car seat cover, and they come in really cute designs and colors. We will be giving five of these away. So, today I will be doing a demonstration to show you how fun and easy they are to use.

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Introduction to Baby Bro and Co. Car Seat Cover

I’m gonna go ahead and try this one. I’m gonna be modeling this gray one for you. It’s a neutral color, so it can be unisex, boy or girl.

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It has a little welcome on here, thanking you for your order. And it’s really cute, they’ve actually included two bibs, and this one matches the car seat cover, so that’s very cute. They snap on and they are very soft.

Baby, Product, Car

I really like that they’ve added this baggie for easy storage with a drawstring right here so that you can just take it on the go with you and easily open it back up for easy storage. So, you take it out of the package, and this is what it looks like when you first open it.

Baby, Product, Car

It’s a pretty good size. It’s very soft, so really very comfortable. So, there’s an opening on here at the top and you just place your hand through the opening, and that opening is meant for the car seat handle, so you just wanna set it on there. As I mentioned, this is very stretchy material so it can fit any size baby car seat.

Baby, Product, Car

Car Seat Cover Tutorial

So you can work your way through the front and just pull it over on the back. Just like that. Also, it’s very helpful in that, if you wanna take a quick peek at your baby, or feed your baby a bottle, just hand it to them right there, this opening right here stretches down easily and that way you won’t have to worry about taking everything off and putting it back on.

Baby, Product, Car

You can easily see your baby through that opening. So, that’s it. Very simple way to use your baby car seat cover with Baby Bros and Co. 

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Baby Bro & Co. Baby Car Seat Covers

>> Get 40% off your order! And automatically be entered to WIN a FREE Owlet Baby Monitor (valued at $299)<<
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