9 Easy DIY Baby Mobile Designs You Can Make On Your Free Time

Baby mobiles are not just simple decorations that lighten up your nursery’s interiors.

These simplistic art pieces provide both visual and sleep stimulation that helps in the baby’s sleep and development. With a bit of creativity, time, and available art supplies, everyone can create a DIY baby mobile for free! One of the hardest challenges in making DIY baby mobiles is choosing a design that would fit your time and budget.

The style should also fit within the theme of your interiors. If you’re running out of ideas, here are 9 DIY baby mobile designs that you can use in your nursery.

1. Paper Airplanes DIY Baby Mobile Design

Paper airplanes are easy to re-create and usually don’t take tons of time to do so. You don’t have to watch elaborate tutorials and special art supplies to create this baby mobile design. Once you’re done with the paper folding process, all you have to do is to attach the airplanes to the supporting beam. Using old, colorful magazine pages is recommended for this project.


Easy DIY paper airplanes for your baby


2. Colorful Pom-poms

If you want to try a more challenging but more rewarding design, you might enjoy working on this DIY mini pom-pom baby mobile design. The main star of this baby mobile is fluffy mini pom-pom balls made with colorful yarns. Using four to five different yarn colors is recommended to get the best results. Choose your yarn colors based on the theme of your nursery interior.

DIY mini pom-pom baby mobile

3. Ribbon Chandelier Baby Mobile

Not all baby mobiles are made with floating objects attached under a big hoop. An attractively arranged ribbon chandelier is a great example of an effortless aesthetic. Just tie your ribbons in the hoop, make sure the colors match, and you’re ready to jazz up your nursery. And you wouldn’t have to worry about anything falling because the ribbons are secured in the hoop.

An attractively arranged colorful ribbon chandelier DIY baby mobile

4. Butterfly Mobile Design

Another simple yet artistic baby mobile design idea is using paper butterflies. Find a butterfly design that you would love to use and draw several outlines on any type of colored paper. Cut these outlines and attached them to your baby mobile hoop using a glue gun or scotch tape. What makes this design awesome is that it looks good on other interior themes as well.

Simple yet artistic baby mobile design idea using colorful paper butterflies

5. Air Balloons

If you like a literally floating model in your baby mobile, air balloons can serve as a cute and charming alternative. Air balloons baby mobile designs are quite popular because you can change the color combination to match the décor of the room. You can also add small stuffed toy passengers to make the décor more interesting and fun! Or add some paper clouds to set up the atmosphere.

Cute and charming air balloons DIY baby mobile idea


6. Paper Clouds

Speaking of paper clouds, this puffy white DIY-friendly baby mobile model should also work as a stand-alone design. Using some simple folding techniques, you can create 3D clouds that look satisfying and relaxing when in motion. For the best effect, this baby mobile design idea is best installed in a room with light-blue walls.

3D clouds DIY baby mobile that look satisfying and relaxing when in motion

7. Origami Crane

Ready for a more challenging design idea to work on? Origami Paper Crane baby mobile is quite an elegant addition to any nursery. However, creating paper cranes can be a challenge depending on your ability to fold intricate patterns. Colored paper or old magazine pages would work fine, but origami paper is still the best option for this project.

Origami Paper Crane baby mobile is quite an elegant addition to your nursery

8. Night-Themed Baby Mobile

Another popular DIY baby mobile design theme is using simplistic stars and moon cutouts for a nighttime-themed design. Add in a few cloud cutouts to make the decor more atmospheric also works wonders. Place the moon in the middle of the decor with the smaller star cutouts surrounding it. For additional artistic flare, a few dabs of glow-in-the-dark paint will make this baby mobile more awesome at night.

Simplistic stars and moon cutouts for a nighttime-themed design

9. DIY Circle Baby Mobile

And last but not the least, the simplest design in this article is the DIY circle baby mobile. This is the perfect baby mobile design for people who have limited art supplies or want a simple and relaxing art crafting session.

Simplest design with this DIY circle baby mobile


Things To Consider When Making DIY Baby Mobiles

You might be tempted to use small balls and crystals for your baby mobile, but that’s not recommended. The materials that you use can fall down into your baby’s crib and might potentially cause injuries. Light materials such as paper, crochet, and stuff toys are preferred as decors to avoid hurting your loved ones in case the threads snap.

In addition, avoid using materials that can irritate your baby, especially glitters and other potential irritants. And lastly, use an appropriate embroidery hoop and floss.

Make sure that the threads will not easily snap, and the DIY baby mobile design is lowered within the proper height.

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