Are You Ready for Baby’s First Haircut?

The time has finally arrived for your baby’s first haircut!  Are you feeling emotional about it? Need a little bit of guidance?

Baby’s first haircut is a big milestone! It can also be a little bit stressful. Young children don’t sit still for very long, and they love to explore everything. Getting scissors close to their face can be nerve-wracking!

Well, we’re here to help, Momma. From when to do it to how to create a ceremony around it, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

When to get baby’s first haircut?

Obviously, the timing of when to get baby’s first haircut is entirely up to you. However, if you’re having trouble making a decision (while putting it off as long as possible!) here’s a handy guide as to when Baby might actually need that first haircut.

  • When hair starts to gets in their eyes.
  • When you notice your baby’s hair annoying them.
  • You are always trying to comb out knots and tangles.
  • You’ve attempted to cut it at home but instead made a huge mess and needed a stylist to fix it.
  • The hair is getting too full and thick and needs thinning out.
  • Your baby’s hair has grown too long for you and your little one to manage.
  • One that use to catch me off guard – everyone mistaking your baby boy as a girl…just saying, it happens!
  • An item gets caught all through the hair, and the only way to get it out is to cut it out! Yikes!

Where to get baby’s first haircut?

If you’re not comfortable with cutting Baby’s hair yourself at home, then a visit a salon that specializes in children’s haircuts.  Child-friendly salons are well equipped with tools and gadgets to keep your little one occupied during their haircut, not to mention some of the salons just look amazing!

To make the haircut experience way cooler for your baby, a child-friendly salon may have the following:

  • Toys
  • Bright and colorful pictures around the cutting station to keep babies distracted
  • Books
  • Ipads
  • DVDs
  • Special children’s cutting chairs to keep kids safe and at a good height
  • Colorful and fun capes to put on children to prevent hair getting all over your child’s clothes

Some Salons will even offer a free first haircut special or a discount price for a first haircut so be sure to ask!

baby getting haircut

If you are attempting a haircut at home, you can get home haircut sets like this one from Amazon. We recommend watching a YouTube video like this one first to show you tips and tricks to make the haircut easier.

To help you build haircutting confidence, you may find it simpler to start small and only take short sections of hair off at a time. No doubt this will make a few practice cuts, but over time it will get easier and save you a ton of money!

How to prepare for baby’s first haircut

A first haircut can be an exciting, but anxious occasion. Here are a few tips to help you and your baby prepare for the first haircut.

  • Take time researching a salon that you and your little one will feel comfortable going to.
  • Look at Pinterest and Google for different hair styles to show the stylist, so they know exactly what you want.
  • Talk to your child about their upcoming haircut.  Show them Youtube videos about visits to a hair salon. Make sure you always stay positive about the experience as this will help ease any fears they may have.
  • Book an appointment time when your child is going to be fed, well rested, and usually in their best mood – this tends to be during the mornings.
  • Take some toys from home that you know your little one loves and get them to hold it during the haircut.  Having toys distracts them and stops them from reaching out and trying to grab things.
  • Have a snack and drink available for them.
  • Have them sit on your lap during the appointment to help reduce their anxiety…..and yours!

What are some first haircut styles?

The style of your baby’s haircut will all depend on the texture and thickness of it.  Therefore, spend the time browsing Google and Pinterest to get some ideas that you can take to your stylist.  Be sure to search ‘baby boy haircut style’ or ‘baby girl haircut style’ to get a range of images to provide ideas and inspiration.

Make sure you talk to your hairdresser as they will be able to give you plenty of advice and tips on what will suit your baby.  Just remember that hair does grow back, and usually pretty quick, so if you feel like you got too much taken off it won’t be long until it’s grown back to how it was!

First haircut ceremony

To commemorate this special occasion, you may want to have a first haircut ceremony. A little ceremony to celebrate a first haircut milestone in your baby’s life will make them feel extra special and make the event extra fun. One idea is to give your baby a 1st haircut certificate like this one from Amazon. has free printable certificates that you can customize and download to present to your little one during their ceremony.

Ensuring your baby’s first haircut is a positive event means future hair appointments will (hopefully!) be easier. Maybe even plan to have a treat after the haircut like a trip to a park they love or a walk through the farmer’s market to sample some fruit and hear some live music.

girl blowing bubbles

How to preserve baby’s first haircut

The best way to maintain Baby’s first haircut is to make a first haircut keepsake with one of the locks of hair that gets cut off…just make sure you remember to grab it!

Some creative ideas include placing the lock of hair into a keepsake locket like this one or putting it in a photo frame with an image from that day. Don’t forget to add the date of when the special occasion took place! Before and after photos are a must to frame with the lock of hair.

Final Thoughts about Baby’s first haircut

Getting your baby’s first haircut can be an emotional and anxious time. After helping Baby get through it with ease, make sure you reward yourself at the end of it as well! Pat yourself on the back and remind yourself – you’re doing great, Momma!


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