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Valentine’s Day Crafts for Babies

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Valentine’s Day crafts for babies can be a ton of fun! After all, what better holiday is there to spend time with the ones you love? Even if your baby can’t quite get into the spirit of the holiday, they’ll enjoy creating something new for you to place on the fridge.

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Babies - Heart Art

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Plus, they’ll likely learn a thing or two along the way! Here are a few fun Valentine’s Day crafts for babies that both you and your little one will love.

Some ideas are the perfect lazy afternoon craft, while others make the perfect gift. No matter which craft you choose to create, you’ll both have so much fun that you’ll look forward to sitting down for a little craft time next Valentine’s Day!

Baby’s first Valentine’s Day craft ideas

Baby Valentine’s Day crafts can be a bit difficult to plan, especially if it’s your baby’s first Valentine’s Day. Even if your little one’s motor skills aren’t completely developed, there are still tons of great craft ideas that your baby will love to create!

Candle votives

Candle votives Art Samples

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Planning for Valentine’s Day means setting the mood, and there’s no better way to set the mood than with candles. Jazz up your light display with some help from your little one!

Valentine’s Day crafts with baby food jars, like these candle votives, do double duty. Not only will you be able to get rid of some of those baby food jars, but you can also get your little one to help!

Cover each jar with watered down glue and let your child cover them with tissue paper hearts and glitter.

Valentine’s sun catcher

Valentine’s sun catcher

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There’s just something about glitter that is irresistible to little hands. If you want to give your child the chance to create a piece of art with glitter, make Valentine’s sun catcher.

The supplies include regular cardstock paper, contact paper, tissue paper, and glitter. Create the heart-shaped image out of contact paper and let your little one sprinkle it with the design of his (or her) choice.

When you’re done, the beautiful sun catcher can be placed in a window.

Easy heart stamp

Easy heart stamp

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Kids love glitter, but they love playing with paint even more! Using red, pink, and white paint can give any piece of artwork Valentine’s spin, but why not let your child have a little bit more fun with a heart shaped stamp!

This stamp is easily made out of an old toilet paper tube. All you have to do is dip the tube in a bit of paint and let your little one go to work!

Allow your baby to create more intricate pieces of artwork by setting out heart-shaped sponges too.

Valentine’s day card ideas

If you have a little baby, the first Valentine Day card is really special. Whether you want to help your little one make a card for mom or dad, or grandma or grandpa, if you put a little thought into making sure your child is directly involved, it will be a keepsake that the recipient will treasure forever.

Hand and footprint card

Hand and foot print card

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If you have a tiny baby, creating a card with their help can be a real challenge. The perfect solution is to use their hand and footprints, but don’t get stuck doing the same old footprint crafts that people expect from a newborn.

This cute card idea uses hand and footprints as part of the alphabet, creating a truly unique card that any recipient will love. If you have an older child, they can help even more by tracing the other letters on the card with a paintbrush.

Ribbon heart card

Ribbon heart card

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Paint and glitter are a lot of fun, but they aren’t the only crafting supplies that your baby can use! If you have scraps of ribbon laying around, help your little one create a custom card for someone special.

On a blank piece of paper, lay down some glue and let your child position pre-cut strips of ribbon wherever they like. Then, glue a piece of paper with a heart cut out on the top. If your child is old enough, he or she can even help you with the glue.

Thumbprint card

Thumb print card

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Not all Valentine’s Day card crafts have to be complicated. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create the perfect Valentine’s Day card, just use a couple of fingerprints!

Using red or pink ink, place your thumbprint on a card. Then, create another print with your baby’s thumb.

Give your thumbprints little faces and make them hold hands and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable card idea! This is an especially good card craft if you need to make more than one Valentine’s Day card for friends and family.

Baby’s first Valentine’s Day gift for dad

Whether dad is a sentimental guy or not, there’s no question that Valentine’s Day crafts from baby are a heartwarming gift that will brighten his day. The trick is to get creative so that he’s surprised by his special Valentine’s Day gift!

Baby bookmark

Baby bookmark

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If dad loves to read, give him a reminder of his little Valentine by creating this cute bookmark. It looks like old-fashioned photo booth pictures!

To keep with Valentine’s theme, dress up your little one in a special Valentine’s outfit. You could even take a few action shots of your child creating one of the crafts on this list!

No matter what images you choose, you’ll let dad know that he’s number one in your book with this bookmark.

Day out with daddy jar

Day out with daddy jar

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Spending time together as a family outside the home becomes quite a challenge when you bring a new baby home. Create the perfect excuse to get out there and enjoy some time together with this unique craft idea!

Decorate a special jar with your baby (see the candle votive idea on this list) and fill it with fun things you can do together as a family. Write down a few things your family hasn’t done together yet, like visit the zoo.

Then, include things you love doing, but don’t get to do very often. Like play at the playground, ask your little one what they love doing with daddy and include those ideas in the jar too.

Baby’s first Valentine’s Day gift for mom

Mom does a lot for the family all year long, so why not show her how much you both appreciate her with a special Valentine’s gift from baby? It will become a keepsake that she will treasure forever.

Handprint keychain

Handprint keychain

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Did you know that you can buy blank Shrinky Dinks sheets to make your very own Shrinky Dinks? You can!

Every time mom reaches for her keys, it will be like she’s reaching to hold your little one’s hand with this cute handprint keychain. Help your child create a handprint on a Shrinky Dink sheet and then bake it in the oven according to the directions.

Not only will your baby love getting dirty to make his or her handprint, but you’ll also both have a lot of fun watching it shrink while it’s in the oven!

Baby’s first Valentine’s Day picture frame

Valentine's Day picture frame

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Cataloging firsts are one of the fun things about being a parent. One of the best ways to celebrate a first is with a unique picture frame.

The trick is creating one that won’t end up getting packed into a box. Mom will love this photo frame because the frame itself is part of the gift.

Using your child’s or children’s handprints, you can feel confident that this frame will be treasured forever.

Valentine’s Day crafts for babies that the whole family will cherish

Whether you just want to have a little fun or you’re trying to create a gift for someone special, both you and your baby will love spending time together being creative. No matter which Valentine’s Day crafts for babies you choose to make together as a family, you’ll love reflecting back on these special days, years down the road.

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