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Cute and Simple Halloween Crafts for Babies

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If this is your baby’s first Halloween, you’re probably thinking there’s not much you can do.

Trick-or-treating might be too late for their bedtime, and a costume might just make them fussy. Obviously, Baby isn’t going to test out the Halloween candies and treats. What else is there?

You’re forgetting Halloween crafts for babies! Below are our suggestions for fun things to do with Baby this Halloween. Even the littlest ones can have some fun, right?

Four cute and simple Halloween crafts for babies:

#1 – Ghost Milk Jugs

Baby may not be walking yet, but they can probably grip the handles of an empty milk jug. Why not make some cute, ghostly milk jugs?

Save up your empty milk jugs, clean them out, and take all the wrappers off. Then, draw some sweet, ghostly faces on them (scary faces can wait until Baby’s a bit older).

If Baby’s already sitting up or crawling, drop some glow sticks in the jugs, turn down the lights, and let your little one play with 3-4 of them. Baby can toss them around, bang them together, and do whatever they can think of! You’ll be amazed at the games they can come up with on their own.

If Baby’s just a few months old, you can use smaller bottles (try mini-water bottles) that she can hold and shake. Just skip the glow sticks and throw in a few beads or beans (and seal it up tight!) to make Halloween baby rattles.

#2 – Baby Halloween forest

Babies under one probably cannot take part in activities that require running or even walking so why not create a forest in your backyard for them? Nothing says Halloween like a forest. Collect a few leaves from your garden and make a little play space. Try to get different textures and shapes. Then add some sticks and twigs and mini-pumpkins to decorate your mini-forest. You can even get a few toy animals to hide for your baby to find! This Halloween baby activity is not only fun – it’ll stimulate your baby’s motor and sensory systems!

Please note, the toys should not be small enough for your baby to swallow. Rule of thumb – if the toy can fit through a toilet roll, it is too big! Also, lots of supervision is necessary, so Baby doesn’t mistake the leaves and twigs for sweet treats.

#3 – Sensory box

Everyone loves a mystery box! Most of all babies. Cover a box with some material and cut a hole on the top, allowing only their little hands to go into the box. Fill the box with a fluffy toy, some slime, sand, beads, or whatever else you have on hand. Just make sure the contents are baby-friendly!

Your baby will love this game. Get the camera ready as you will hear lots of giggles and see lots of smiles and rational expressions.

Not only will this game help your kids learn to trust, but it will also teach them different textures. They may even learn to identify objects through touch and not based on sight alone. You can get items from a local party shop, thrift shop, or just use stuff lying around the house.

#4 – Pinata with a twist

We all know how much we loved to hit the Pinata at parties to make it rain candy! The only problem is, your baby cannot stand and hit an object in the sky. It’s time to get creative, Momma! Just keep in mind your baby wants to put everything in their mouth, so this Halloween craft for kids needs to be edible and fun.

Get a polystyrene cup and streamers from your local party shop. If you can’t find streamers, check out this beautiful Rainbow Crepe Streamer by CoolGlow.

On your way home, pick up some treats to fill the cup. Cut and stick pieces of streamer onto the cup. Make sure that the glue you’re using is non-toxic and safe for children.

Place a few treats into the cup and seal it off tight with a lid or more streamers. Make 2-4 of these cups and place on the floor for your baby to hit with their hands or pick up and bang together.

If you place different amounts of treats in the cups, they will make different sounds. You can even set it up like a Halloween drum band!

Plus, here are some more Halloween craft ideas for your baby:

There you have it, Momma! A few unique ways to make Halloween baby-friendly. Not only will these activities be fun but they will also help develop your baby’s skills.

We hope you and your Baby enjoy these Halloween crafts for babies!

Happy Halloween!


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