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How to Choose Halloween Costumes for Mom and Baby

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October is fast approaching and, sooner than later, Halloween will come knocking on your door.

If you’re a new mommy, you’re probably looking for tips on Halloween costumes.

You may even be looking for coordinated Halloween costumes for mom and baby.

We don’t blame you. Halloween is such a memorable time for the little one. What mother wouldn’t want to go the extra mile to prepare for it?

There are so many ideas in the world that choosing a costume can be a little bit confusing, if not challenging.

We know this because many of us at have been mommies for a long time. Fortunately, as mamas, we are aware Halloween costumes for mom and baby like the back of our hands.

So, let’s start you off with some questions you should answer before you make your decision.

#1 – Should the costume be gender specific?

We know, we know, you’re probably saying – Wait, what?! But when you go online and type “Halloween costumes for mom and baby” some sites will give you just about anything.

You might want to filter your online search and try “mom and baby girl” or “mom and baby boy.”  Filtering your online search will make things easier for you.  Of course, if you’re okay with any costume, just skip keeping reading to #2.

#2 – Should our costumes match?

If there are couple shirts, and “twinning” OOTD for friends, then there are matching Halloween costumes for mom and baby.

Websites like Pinterest offers tons of ideas that range from storybook characters like the Wizard of Oz to the classic computer game of Super Mario Brothers.

You, as mommy can be the princess and your baby can be one of the little mushroom characters. Daddy can even join in on the fun as Mario!

Costumes can be as wacky as you want or as cute as you want. All you have to do is decide which matching costumes best fits your personality.

Once you get this down,  you and your baby will be the life of your neighborhood’s Halloween bash!

Click on the link below to buy the

Family Super Mario Costume

#3 – What parental value should our costumes reflect?

Okay, so this may be another “wait, what?!” type of question for you. But before you get judgmental, just hear us out.

We’re mommies like you and as parents we have values.  Every time we choose clothes or items for our kids, we make it a point that our values are reflected.

For instance, for a mom who loves creativity in color, when she buys stuff for her children she’s likely to choose things that have vibrant colors. For moms who are environmentalists, they may only purchase items that are biodegradable.

Animal lovers may only purchase those things that have not been tested on animals. You get the picture.

The same goes for Halloween costumes. If you have strong opinions about anything, make sure to take those into consideration when choosing your costumes.

#4 Should I buy or DIY?

Buying costumes can be expensive, particularly if everyone in the entire family has to be in costume for the holiday.

If you do have the extra money to finance this project, then have some fun and spend that extra cash.

But if you’d end up dipping into your bank accounts or future savings, don’t even think about it!

While it’s true, as a mommy you want the best for your child, unnecessary (and stress-inducing) expenses will not do you any good.

But before you start worrying about not being able to give your child the happy Halloween memory, think! You don’t have to spend for the costume.

Instead, create a unique costume for you and your baby. In fact, you can go online to look for DIY websites that offer advice on homemade Halloween costumes for mom and baby. Some of these websites are the following:

Yes, DIY projects can be overwhelming at first, but once you get started, you’ll be surprised how easy they are. Besides, when your creative juices start kicking in, you will be rearing to go and try out your ideas.

#5: Which materials are safest?

Whether you go DIY or buy ready-made, consider the materials used to create them. Your skin might not be sensitive, but your baby’s skin might be.

If so, anything can be an irritant and can cause a skin rash. Aside from the fact that the rash will not look pleasant, it will cause physical discomfort to your baby. Naturally, you do not want your child to be upset, crying, and itchy all over.

Another thought is glitter. Oh, the glitter. It gets everywhere and never really goes away. Are you sure you want that costume covered in glitter? And then there are feathers.

#6 – Should I recycle old costumes?

An even cheaper alternative to buying is recycling costumes. Let’s face it. The reality is that once Halloween is over and these Halloween costumes for mom and baby have been worn, they get tossed in the laundry and then banished to the attic.

There is nothing wrong with recycling old costumes, so much time as they have been cleaned and they are still reusable.

If you have relatives with older children, you can ask around and see if their kids’ old costumes are still in good condition. Hey, you may even get lucky and get ones that are still in mint condition.

Here are our recommendations!

If you’re super busy like most moms of young children, you may not have time for all the questions above! Instead, you just need some suggestions. Well, here’s ours!

No. 1 – Be the neighborhood BLT! We love food, and if you’re like us, you’ll agree with this pick. This BLT costume set is classic, original, and now it’s making us hungry! Amazing! Click here for more about this BLT!!

Click on the link below to buy the

Family Food Costume

No. 2 – GOT Theme! If you love Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen, then this is the perfect Halloween costume for you and your baby! You can buy dragon costumes at Pottery Barn Kids for your kids.

If you don’t want to buy an elaborate GOT costume for yourself, just have a shirt printed or get it from this shop. Then wear a long flowing skirt to finish your costume!

Click on the link below to buy the

Baby Dragon Costume

No. 3 – King of the Vikings! Your baby will look cute, adorable, and kingly – with a tinge of orange when he wears this Viking costume! You can be his Nordic maiden!

Click on the link below to buy the

Baby Viking Costume

No. 4 – You’re little sunshine! We love these matching costumes so much simply because of their colors! Plus they are so easy to make! Check out Brit+Co for the DIY instructions.

Now, how does that song go? “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happyyyyy when skies are graaaaay…”

No. 5 – Under the sea! Go aquatic with this aqua life ensemble for the whole family! Then when you go trick-or-treating, you can tell kids a little bit about life in the ocean and how fun it is to dress-up like a marine baby!

Baby Jacques Cousteau is probably the cutest scuba diver we have ever seen!

Click on the link below to buy the

Family Aquatic Costume

Plus, here are some more Halloween costume ideas for you and your baby:

Click on the link below to buy the

Wizard of Oz Costume

Click on the link below to buy the

Baby Dino Costume

Click on the link below to buy the

Family Burglar Costume

Still afraid that you won’t find costumes for you and baby?

Oh, don’t be! We’re sure that your imagination is firing up. If you get stuck, just remember – there are tons of ideas out there.

They’re only waiting for you to discover them! Now, are you ready to take on that happy Halloween project?

Now, are you willing to take on that happy Halloween project? Of course, you are! Let us hear your resounding YES!

Happy costume hunting! And don’t forget to share these tips on Halloween costumes for mom and baby with your other mommy friends!


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