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40+ Cute Halloween Costume Ideas for a Newborn Baby

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Just because your newborn won’t be walking around and chewing on sugary treats doesn’t mean they’re too young to dress up for Halloween!

Dressing up is a treat for the parents, especially. There’s nothing cuter than a Halloween photo shoot to send out to your family and friends. Well, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of Halloween costume ideas for a newborn baby.

We’re sure you’ll find at least one that is just irresistible!


Boy or a girl, nothing will make your baby’s first Halloween more comfortable than these super-comfortable and uber-cute onesies.

#1 – Pumpkin

pumpkin halloween costume for baby

All time favourite Halloween costume idea for a newborn baby

This little nerdy pumpkin is ready to rock her first Halloween! Cute, personalised sleepers found on Etsy.

#2 – Candy corn

Candy corn halloween costume for baby

Another pumpkin-coloured outfit that just never gets old. Cute candy corn ready to be eaten away! Found here.

#3 – Baby Unicorn costume

Baby Unicorn costume for halloween

Loads of cuteness and rainbow magic in this Unicorn onesie!

#4 – Magic onesie

halloween onsie for baby

This simply sweet bodysuit will cast a tiny bit of magic on everybody.

#5 – Peas bunting costume

Peas bunting halloween costume ideas for baby

Now here’s an easy answer for “Who’s the cutest pea in the pod?” This fuzzy costume will keep baby nice and cozy into the cool Halloween night.

#6 – Little fox newborn costume

little fox halloween costume for a newborn baby

This fox onesie is not only an extremely cute Halloween costume, it can be used as a year-round warmer.


Take a look at these adorable costumes available online. Some of them are hand-made and customised for your baby to make this Haloween a great one.

#7 – Halloween witch costume idea for a newborn

pilgram halloween costume for a newborn baby

This dress up so darling it is hard to call her a witch!

#8 – Star Wars costume – Princess Leia

Princess-Leia halloween costume for a newborn baby

Here’s a treat for Star Wars fans of any age. This Princess Leia costume is a good reason for intergalactic celebration.

#9 – Pink Flamingo Halloween costume

Pink Flamingo Halloween costume

This pretty flamingo sure isn’t a regular animal costume! It’s perfect for your girl and cozy enough for her to relax (and sleep!) in. Via Etsy.

#10 – Sweet Corn infant costume

Sweet Corn halloween costume for a newborn baby

Sweet corn in this adorable costume? Pop right up!

#11 – Shark knitted newborn costume

Shark knitted newborn costume for halloween

There is nothing to fear when this shark is around.

#12 – Lion King costume

lion king halloween costume for baby

This hat makes a great option for kids who are not too excited to wear a costume. Pair with some basic pants and he is good to go!

#13 – Pumpkin Lady Haloween costume

Pumpkin Lady Haloween costume

This baby pumpkin takes this Halloween classic to a whole new level!

#14 – Lobster costume

baby lobseter halloween costume for a newborn babyNothing can go wrong with this little lobster. You just want to eat it all up.

#15 – Witch-inspired costume

good little witch halloween costume for a newborn baby

This load of sweetness comes with matching leg warmers and a diaper cover. On Etsy.

#16 – Baby golfer costume

Baby golfer costume halloween costume for a newborn baby

Gettin’ all preppy like this little golfer right here.

#17 – Gnome bunting costume

Gnome bunting halloween costume for a newborn baby

Wrapped up in this gnome costume is a perfect outfit for 0-3 months old.

#18 – Pokemon costume – Pikachu

Pokemon costume - Pikachu halloween costume for a newborn baby

You got one, too! Now you will not want to let it go. We are counting on this one to be the next big hit as a Halloween costume idea for a newborn.

#19 – Werewolf costume

warewolf halloween costume for a newborn baby

This baby Wolfman looks seriously cute in this “scary” costume. He is about to howl!

#20 – Strawberry girl

strawberry halloween costume for a newborn baby

Another food-inspired Halloween costume – a delicious strawberry.


Check out this variety of matching twin costumes for your babies’ first Halloween!

#21 – Sushi twin set

sushi twin set halloween costume for twins

These two are an absolute hit! You cannot have sushi without this adorable sauce, right? Available on Etsy.

#22 – Salt and pepper

Babies Twins Halloween Costumes Salt Pepper Funny Boy Girl Fraternal Siblings AlwaysKatie blog

Another twin’s classic. Simple yet adorable.

#23 – Dr. Seuss costumes – Thing #1 and Thing #2

thing 1 and thing 2 halloween costume for twins

This is a bingo for a choice of Halloween costume for best buddies or twins. Any doctor would be proud.

#24 – Cookie and milk twin costume

cookies and milk halloween costume for twins

Milk goes well with lots of things. It apparently cannot resist being matched with this delicious cookie. Buy on Etsy.

#25 – Top Gun costumes

top gun halloween costume for twins

Twin Top Gun pilots. This might be the best twin costume on the Internet. Get ready to score prizes for this one in a Halloween best costume competition. Via Jessyo77.

#26 – Grandmas costume idea

grandma halloween costume for twins

Dressing up your little girls like two lil ol’ ladies? Why not! Find more here.

#27 – Game of Thrones costumes

game of thrones halloween costume for twins

Mother of all dragons! This Halloween costume idea works for a newborn, their siblings, and the parent!


There are tonnes of DIY ideas out there. We have chosen the cutest DIY Halloween costume ideas for a newborn baby. Some of them are really easy. Other require more effort but it sure is worth the trouble!

#28 – Star Wars – Yoda

yoda DIY halloween costume

Let’s hope you know how to knit. This newborn Yoda is waiting for his next revelation. Order pattern on Etsy.

#29 – Bjork swan costume

Bjork swan DIY halloween costume

Who doesn’t want to dress up as a stylish lady like Icelandic singer Bjork? Or an adorable swan if you don’t know who she is. Via Etsy.

#30 – Penguin

penguin DIY halloween costume

This extremely soft penguin costume will make every cosplay/ photoshoot exciting both for parents and their kids.

#31 – Little Lamb

little lamb DIY halloween costume

This little lamb just screams both innocence and huge doses of cuteness. Found on eBay.

#32 – An Owl

owl DIY halloween costume

This minimalist owl astonishes with its simplicity and finesse.

#33 – A Cow

baby calf DIY halloween costume

Cow costume with an udder? It is easier to make than you think.

#34 – Spaghetti and meatballs

spaghetti and meatball DIY halloween costume

Apparently, it is also cool to dress up your tiny baby as a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs.

#35 – Cookie monster

milk mom and cookie monster DIY halloween costume

Every Milk Mum’s dream is to have a cookie monster attached to her? You tell me.

#36 – Harry Potter

harry potter DIY halloween costume

Harry Potter. This one has it all figured out. Straight to Hogwarts, of course! This Halloween costume does not miss a thing. Works for every age.

#37 – Flower

baby blossom DIY halloween costume

Little Flower Blooming. For this DIY, all you need is some felt, a headband, some faux flower, and a white onesie.


Make every moment count. Snap some gorgeous pictures with these props and make your baby’s first Halloween pure magic.

#38 – Very hungry caterpillar

Very hungry caterpillar DIY halloween costume

Your caterpillar is not only going to look lovely. He or she will also feel comfortable in this soft crochet costume.

#39 – Honeybee

honey bee DIY halloween costume

This must be the world’s most comfortable bee costume. Make your baby’s first Halloween special with this amazing photoshoot. Costume set found on Etsy.

#40 – Halloween Kitten

kitten halloween costume for newborns

This simple pattern can turn your little kitten into a star. This hat is just a perfection.

#41 – Candy corn bunting

candy corn bunting halloween costume for newborn

Candy corn baby. This soft hat can be used in the wintertime. Available on Etsy.

#42 – Simple Caterpillar

Caterpillar halloween costume for newborns

Another caterpillar infant bunting idea for a memorable photo shoot.

#43 – Football bunting

Football bunting halloween costume for newborns

Football bunting. Make dads proud with this one.

#44 – Ice cream

ice cream halloween costume for newborns

Ice cream cone in a beanie. Behold, the sweetest Halloween costume idea for a newborn baby of them all.

#45 – Little Mermaid

mermaid halloween costume for newborns

Little Mermaid. Tail and tiara included in the set. Find it here.

#46 – Bookworm

book worm halloween costume for newborns

This sleeping baby transforming into a bookworm. So simple and yet brilliant.

Regardless of the costume you choose, make this Halloween a memorable one! Enjoy the memories you’re making with your family. These baby years don’t last long.

If you have any other cute Halloween costume ideas for a newborn baby make sure to leave us a comment in the section below!

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