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How to Create a Safe Sleep Environment For Baby

Your baby will need lots of sleep and rest for proper growth and development. Make sure he is safe while sleeping…

The Place

  • Bassinet
  • Crib
  • Play yard

Placed away from windows.

Body Placement

  • Place baby on his or her back (not on stomach or side)

Important Tips:

Remove toys and blankets from sleep area.

Make sure the crib has no loose or missing parts.

Use only a mattress that fits firmly with no spaces or gaps.

Make sure baby monitor cords and any others are out of baby’s reach.

Lower the mattress as soon as your child can push up on hands and knees to prevent climbing out of the crib.

Be sure your crib has not had a recall.

Check bed regularly.

Consumer Product Safety Commission (Check Crib Recalls)




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