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Your Baby’s Sleep Cheat Sheet

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Wondering about baby’s sleep? Looking for a sleep cheat sheet?

Natural Mat to the rescue! Here’s a rough guide to how your baby’s sleep. Keep in mind, this is just a guide. It’s not at all exact, and your baby could be very different. Babies are people, too, and like adults they have different needs and preferences. If you’re truly concerned about baby’s sleep, consult with your doctor or a professional, gentle sleep expert.

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Baby’s Sleep? How Much Sleep Does Baby Need?

baby sleep


How many Naps?

3-6 Months = 3 Naps a Day

6-14 Months = 2 Naps a Day

15-36 Months = 1 Nap a Day

How Much Total Sleep in Hours Per Day?

0-3 Months = 16-18

3-6 Months = 15

6-12 Months = 13-14

12+ = 12-13

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of The Gentle Sleep Bookalso has an excellent “Realistic Sleep Expectations” infographic you must read HERE.

Finally, a quick video about newborn sleep…

Baby Sleep Guide from Newborn to 6 Months

> Don’t Lose Another Night’s Sleep! How to quickly and easily end sleepless nights and miraculously cure your baby’s crying through the night.

Every baby is different, but these guidelines should help you better understand baby’s sleep patterns and give you hope for longer nights! Just keep in mind that babies aren’t meant to sleep through the night. Physiologically, most (but not all) babies need to wake up for food, comfort, or any number of reasons so try not to push baby to sleep longer than she’s ready. It’ll only cause more frustration for you and for her!

While it may be hard at first, just keep reminding yourself that your baby won’t be a baby forever. Babies, and even toddlers, have erratic sleep patterns and tend to have sleep regressions  when they’re going through growth and mental spurts … so they’re not actually regressing, but progressing!

Looking for strategies to help your body make it through the night so you can get some sleep? Be sure to check out:


Develop a rhythm for you and your baby. Build a consistent bedtime routine. Keep the nighttime low key for everyone.


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